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12 Monkeys Episode #12: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

This version of the past was soooo good to watch we want to experience it again and again and ...

  1. Jones with bangs and make-up. What a difference a few decades and some Maybelline makes!


  2. The Ghostface Killer Crew


    Who ARE these people? What do they want with the facility? Why are they so monotone and creepy? And are there...12 of them?
  3. Aaron ratting on Cole and crew in order to secure a safe future for he and Cassie was equal parts noble (not really) and equal parts awful! It's getting harder and harder to root for Cassie's ex-politician boyfriend when he befriends the enemy! The enemy who (1) kills Cole's dad! and (2) tries to wipe out humanity!

  4. Spilt milk!

    The Hands of Time

    Cole's been having this weird flashback all season long involving milk and now we FINALLY get the context: Little Cole was protected by Cassie and 2015 Dr. Jones when the Army of the 12 Monkeys came to take out adult Cole. So, these three have been linked all along! What's even trippier is when you think about the fact that Little Cole met Jones and Cassie (and then forgot because he's a kid) before adult Cole did in Episode #1 but that 2043 Jones knew Cole already when he first showed up at the temporal facility (prior to Episode #1). AND that, the entire time Cole's been talking about Cassie these last 12 episodes, Jones (who has kept telling him to ignore Cassie and focus on the mission) knew exactly who she was and had met her. This is like the best sort of geometry problem except its cooler than geometry.
  5. Forever young.

    Boom, Like an 808

    To stop the Pallid Man, Cole displayed an extremely cool way that the rules of time travel work. As we've seen, when the same object from different time periods interacts, stuff blows up. Clever Cole injected himself with blood from his younger self - thus two of the same objects interacting - and you can see the results above. 
  6. Cole's Mother

    Okay, so we're doing six. Sue us, the show's good. More importantly - we're still in shock over the news that Cole's mom was affiliated with the Army of the 12 Monkeys. If the truth doesn't come out in the season finale, we may have to start therapy.

P.S. You can watch the full episode here and then maybe we can go to therapy together.