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12 Monkeys Episode #13: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

The identity of the Army of the 12 Monkeys has FINALLY been revealed. Take a closer look!

Whoa. That was one hell of a way to end a season. The 12 Monkeys Season One finale was one for the books, and left us with some lasting impressions. And lots of questions. Here were the five things that jumped out at us:
  1. Things we lost in the fire.


    RIP Aaron…but you kind of had this coming. Just saying.
  2. Cassie slapped the shiz out of Jennifer, right? 

    B!tc# Slap

    Cassie's come a LONG way, baby. When first we met her she was a whimpering little cricket begging for Cole to spare her her life and now she's a gun toting bad ass who'll smack down anyone who gets in her way. Hot.
  3. "You are walking through a red forrest." - Olivia


    We still don't quite understand what this means but it was partially gratifying to see that this "red forrest" Olivia's been waxing poetic about actually exists. Here's hoping that we'll get answers to what it all means (i.e. why a forrest? why RED?…is that code for blood?!) in Season 2!
  4. Ramse is NOT the Witness.

    The Secret

    But wait, if Ramse's not the Witness, then who is? We have our suspicions but we're not gonna say…
  5. So THIS is the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Well, we think it is - there are 12 of them. 


    …and now they're all grown up and ready to take (or tear down) on the world. Olivia must be proud.



But who are their parents (we're assuming multiple people, unless they are actually Duggars)? What's their purpose? Why are their faces like that creepy one that randomly pops up in The Exorcist? What do they want? Can we ask any more questions?

Moral of the story - watch the finale if you haven't.