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12 Monkeys Episode #2: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Time travel isn't an exact science and we like it! Find out why!

  1. North Korea. Shockingly, Kim Jong-il didn't make an appearance (he was alive in 2006, duh). Just a good old fashioned time travel glitch that made for an extremely interesting scene to watch.

    Kim Jong, Oh!

  2. Look at the flowers.


    He's creepy and he's kooky. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the "Pallid Man". After he kills Cassie's informant who helped her and Cole track down Leland Goines, he decorates the body with rose petals. But he DOESN'T kill Cassie. Pallid Man just tells her to "stop asking questions" and then spares her life. Why?
  3. The Army of the 12 Monkeys.


    We see a red monkey symbol on the evidence wall, we hear Cassie reference "the Army" in a recording Dr. Jones finds in the future and we see Jennifer drawing monkey symbols on her wall. But what does it all mean?!
  4. Jennifer Goines. Once again: crazed hair, wild eyes, sinister smile. Yes, please - again. Also, did you love that her sweater is an homage to Brad Pitt's character in the movie 12 Monkeys?

    Getting to Know You

  5. Kick Ass! The Pallid Man's goons beat the crao out of Cole without breaking a sweat or crumpling Pallid Man's hat. Perhaps their strength grows as their evil heightens.

    Kick Ass!