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12 Monkeys Episode #5: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

The folks at the Temporal Facility know how to throw a good pre-splinter party. Don't believe us, just watch!

  1. Bros. Time travelers just want to have fun, which is why it was refreshing to see Cole, Ramse, Max and even Jones(!) kick back and relax before Cole's big jump to find the Night Room, stop the plague and save the world (!!!)

    Party Like It's 1999

  2. The Origin. The actual ORIGIN of the virus? Also, how many of you noticed Cole sort of flinch when he was near the origin? Like, flinch in the way he does when there's something weird, time wise, going on. Do you think Cole himself is the origin of the virus? Also - how the hell?

    The Origin

  3. The Big Burn Theory.


    Cole's willing to do anything to save the world, even if that means burning alive in 1,800F temperatures to stop the virus from spreading. Such a noble fella, that Cole. 
  4. Jennifer Goines' and the fail safe. Jennifer Goines is smarter than your average bear, despite her being crazier than one. Her reaction when when thought she'd outsmarted Pallid Man and his henchmen was priceless.

    Attention Markridge Shoppers

  5. Otter Eyes. At this point in the series, we've seen Cole splinter quite a bit, but it's always new again when seeing it through a character's eyes for the first time. Case in point, the look on Jennifer's face when Cole disappears right before her eyes is gold.