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12 Monkeys Episode #6: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Ramse's "makeover" still has in a flux. See it again, here.

  1. The Dynamic Duo?


    Cole and Aaron team up because they share a common interest - Cassie. This isn't awkward AT ALL.
  2. Jones, the grease monkey. A twisted reality indeed.

    Oh, the Places You'll Go

  3. Adam Wexler.


    We all see the Eric Snowden comparison here, right? Ok, good.
  4. THIS Woman. She drugs Cassie, hypnotizes her and tries to introduce her to "The Witness", who thinks that Cassie is "special". Who the hell is she, what does she have to do with the plague and who the F is The Witness?! Also, this woman seriously could start an audiotape series for ASMR enthusiasts.

    THAT Girl

  5. Ramse as Deacon.


    What an awful and SCARY alternate reality. He looks sorta good with an eyepatch though.