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12 Monkeys Episode #7: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Cole reaches out at touches Cassie - not like that! But it was still really interesting to watch.

  1. Cole calls Cassie a week in advance to tell her that she'll need to tell him how to destroy the virus and that when he calls back in a week she'll remember this conversation but he won't. Got it? No worries, we were confused the first time around too. Let's hear that again to untangle any crossed wires (P.S. our time map can help if you need it).

    Reach Out and Touch

  2. The very double 007 feeling - and Mission Impossible name check - at the beginning of the episode. How great was that? Pretty darn great. Let's watch it again!


  3. m510 is now Operation Troy.


    A virus by any other name is still a world ending plague but to keep things straight the name of the virus that's going to spell the end of the world as we know it is linked to Operation Troy and the CIA is involved. Just so you know.
  4. Florida Keys. **Tear** It's the place Cole always wanted to go to as a kid in the apocalyptic future when he saw it in a magazine. He reveals this nugget of information to Cassie during their last conversation before Cole is blown to smithereens for the sake of humanity's hide.

    Life is But a Dream

  5. Will they or won't they?


    It totally seemed like Cassie and Cole might kiss at the end of the episode right? She knew it would be her last time seeing Cole alive but he didn't. All the emotions and the feels - the many, many feels she was having - we totally thought our girl was going to go for it. But she didn't. Also, Cole can't be dead - right?