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12 Monkeys Episode #8: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

So...Ramse's a dad...and four other moments that SHOCKED us.

  1. Is there a doctor in the house? Course not! Cole's trapped in a cave in Chechnya and has to take a bullet out of his own leg. GROSS! So gross that we wanna watch it again.

    Exit Wounds 2

  2. Jones looks like a lady. Although the circumstances were bleak, how interesting was it to see Jones with lipstick on and her hair brushed?


  3. You ARE the father! Ramse being someone's dad is a curveball we did not see coming. It was nice to see him vulnerable. But now that he has a kid....will he be as likely to allow the present to be erased (which, of course, will happen if Cole's mission succeeds)?


  4. General Foster.


    We don't know who's the more intense (and weird) of the two - Foster with his staunch biblical speech and insistence that he's found the cure or Jones and her staunch time travel speech and her insistence that the only way to save humanity is to undo the past.
  5. So, it's NOT the end!

    The End

    When trying to bring Cole back to 2043 Jones and her team accidentally sent him two years into the future to 2017 so when Cassie showed up to the blast site at the episode's end she incorrectly thought that the mission was over because she was still seeing things as they were in the present and not the plague-ridden future Cole is now stuck in. How cool was that ending, though?