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Episode Recap: Arms of Mine

Season finale! Cole and Cassandra attempt a final confrontation with The Witness, while Jones faces a new threat to the mission.


Things are getting grim. Now that Cole is trapped in 2015, the mission seems to be a bust in 2043. As such, Cole and Cassie decide to beat some answers out of Aaron Marker to get answers about what Olivia and "The Witness" are up to next. It doesn't go great for Aaron, because while trying to escape, he ends up trapped under a shelving unit in a room that is ablaze in a chemical fire and seemingly dies. Meanwhile, back in 2043, while Whitley tells Jones that she should consider shutting down the machine once and for all, the compound seems to be coming under attack from some pretty unseemly dead-faced people, led by Deacon of the West VII.  So things are, yep, grim.

There's levity to all this, of course, when Jennifer Goines tells the Markridge Shareholders that it's time to re-grow the Do-do bird and possibly unicorns. Cole and Cassie seek her out and she tells them that the person they're looking for is…basically Ramse.  Cassie and Cole are in a race now, because they figure out that he's headed to the Raritan Valley. Remember what's there? Yup. The splinter machine.

When Cassie and Cole arrive in the valley, Ramse is already starting his plan. They think what he wants is to destroy the splinter machine, but it turns out what he really wants is to send himself into the future so he can be reunited with his son.  All that happens, as the silver-faced people and Deacon release a whole flock of birds into the 2043 Splinter Compound. They jam up the works and knock out the power, and Jones makes the decision: she's going to blow up the splinter machine if they come after it.

Nobody's plans go off without a hitch. As Cassie and Cole find their way into the Raritan Valley Facility, they are able to stop Ramse with some choice words. Also, Ramse admits he's not the Witness and we're all shocked because we thought he was and we're totally focused on that. That is, until Cassie shoots him and is hit with a bullet herself. Having no way to save her, Cole injects her with the molecule serum and sends her into the future, hoping Jones can save her.

Meanwhile, in 2043, the silver-faced people have stormed the Splinter Compound and Jones is ready to blow it up when they strike a deal: She'll give them the machine if they agree to let everyone go safely.

And then, the ramp up to the end of the season, so pay attention, team. First, Olivia asks if "the 12 are ready" and she enters a nursery....where we see 12 creepy looking babies. Cut to 2043 and the ghostface killah army and there is....12 of them. We're going to guess these are said 12 babies....and perhaps this is the Army of the 12 Monkeys?  Olivia says that fate is a powerful force and mentions that this is the day history will note Ramse died, but just as she says this, Cole changes the story and goes back to get Ramse from the splinter room. All of that, while in 2043, the machine fires up and Cassie arrives, much to the shock of Jones, Deacon, and the 12. Phew.

Finally – there's Jennifer Goines, proving that crazy cleans up nice – ready to fly around the world, in a plane filled with cases labelled "Markridge." She declares she has "work to do." Is she going to deliver the virus?

Stay tuned for Season 2, folks, coming in 2016.

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