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Episode Recap: Atari


Things are tricky between Cassie and Cole. See, she lives in 2015 and he knows everything about her because he's from the future. So she knows very little about him and asks where he's from, but he's reluctant to tell her. And they're still on the search for the Night Room and worried because the Army of the 12 Monkeys already has Jennifer Goines. Oh, and then, also, he ends up fracturing back toward the future pretty unexpectedly.

Now, a sort of a flash sideways. It's the year 2032, Cole and Ramse are starving and out scavenging when they meet a dog they can't bring themselves to kill, and the two are eventually met by a faction of murderous scavengers known as West VII. These are people immune to the virus, lead by a mean guy named Deacon -- who have made it their mission to survive and never go hungry. Cole and Ramses join up. Because who wouldn't?

Jumping ahead to 2043, Cole is brought back from the past so that he can help them fight off this same group. Whitley takes Cole and Ramse up to the roof to check them out, where they talk about Cole's feelings for Cassie. And that's when the invasion happens. Thinking they've fended them off, Cole and friends are suspicious and with good reason, it turns out VII knows the way into the building through the secret underground tunnels. Cole hears his name shouted, and then the real problems start.

The leader of VII (Deacon) recognizes Cole in the hallway of the laboratory as he's rushing Jones off to secure the time machine. As Ramse rushes to find a way to seal off the doors, he meets up with VII henchmen. He radios to Cole that it's over and is shot dead. Jones leaps into action and puts Cole into the time machine, trying to send him back to 2015 and Dr. Railly for good.

Another quick flash sideways to 2035, where Cole and Ramse are full members of VII, and this sometimes involves killing while stealing supplies and food from other groups of scavengers. Cole and Max were in love at this point in their lives, and it was pretty sweet, aside from the killing. When Deacon drops by to talk to Cole about Ramse, Cole defends his friend. The ultimatum is thrown down – Ramse has to go and Cole has to be the one to get rid of him. Cole can't murder his friend of course, and the two decide to flee together.

And then even more of a time jump, it turns out Jones didn't send Cole to 2015 after all, she sent him back only two days, enough to stop the attack on the laboratory, but…is it? He's been captured by VII and they are hopping mad. Deacon ends up cutting him and giving him a hallucinogenic. And it goes really poorly for him. Because he's drugged, Cole tells Max how to get into the building, through the exhaust tunnels. Once Deacon is out of earshot, Max returns and helps Cole escape. True love wins, team.

When Max and Cole make their way into the facility, Cole sees himself (because, remember, he WAS there two days later before Jones sent him in the time machine back to two days ago. If you are confused, write it down on a piece of paper. It'll make sense)! Which is VERY dangerous and can fracture everything. And as he moves on, Max calls after him. So it WAS her voice that he heard. Cole sends Max off to save Jones and saves Ramse from being killed! Better yet, Max saves Jones as well, just as Cole jumps to the past.

It turns out that the machine can't actually send people back in such short distances, that was just a (very very lucky) malfunction because of gunfire. And, Jones has agreed to let Max stay. So now Cole is torn between two women, one in the past and one in the present. Finally, when Cole jumps back to 2015, Cassie has big news: she's found the Night Room.

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