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Episode Recap: Cassandra Complex


In 2015, Cole tries to teach Cassie how to use a gun. It's for her protection, but she's not so great at having the nerve to fire. Cole is worried that she's not able to pull the trigger for the right reason: protection. The two discuss how long it will be before the Army of the 12 monkeys breaks Jennifer Goines and she tells them the location of the Night Room. Also – they share some General Tso's chicken.

Cassie is called to the police station, where she learns that Jennifer murdered the staff of her father's lab: all but one man, Dr. Henri Toussaint, whom Cassie remembers from some work they did together in Haiti. When Cassie goes to the Centers for Disease Control to try and find him, she learns that he died in Haiti in 2014. Cole realizes that he can go back in time to talk to Henri and find out more about the Night Room.

Back in 2043, Jones and her team don't know what to do next. Sending Cole back to 2014 could be risky. And there's a new problem, Ramse finds a knife that means scavengers could be coming. Finally, Jones decides on Haiti, but warns Cole not to cross paths with Cassie, because the fracture in their timelines could kill him.

Back in 2014, Cassie is headed to Haiti to work on a disease that's killing people. Her boyfriend, Aaron, thinks she's lost her mind and that she's responding to what Cole told her when he kidnapped her, and that's partially true. When she arrives, a gunman threatens the hospital, and Henri and Cassie talk him down, but also begin to learn that the virus is very volatile -- also that they're pretty hot for each other.

In 2043, Ramse is out on a scouting trip with Whitley. The two men argue about whether or not the scavengers are like animals, and Ramse pulls his gun. Whitley makes the point that nobody would believe any story he tells, so Ramse backs down. Then Woodley is jumped by a scavenger (or Scavs as they're called in 2043) woman. This is Max, and she knew Ramse way back when.

When Cole arrives in 2014, he begins to fracture pretty badly, and finds his way into the hospital, where he tries to get a word with Dr. Toussaint before realizing that Cassie is too close. As he stalks Toussaint through the streets, he comes across a monkey altar (related to the 12 monkeys? Or a coincidence!?). Henri agrees to tell him about the Night Room, but as he does the Pallid Man interrupts them.

The Pallid Man is here to get the same thing as Cole and is not afraid to murder Henri to get it. Cole puts up a good fight but also keeps fracturing and disappearing. Back in the hospital, Cassie has a full breakdown when she realizes that this could indeed be the pandemic that Cole was talking about. Her colleague, Verne, tries to calm her down, but it's no use. Cole and Henri evade capture and Henri reveals that the Night Room was never one location, but to find it, he should look into a project called the "Big Burn" that could torch an entire lab if the wrong virus got loose.

Meanwhile, the virus in Haiti turns out to be a rare form of River Fever and Cassie's outburst looks more and more like she's lost her mind completely and she's sent home. Even though she asked Cole not to witness this, he watches from a distance. Back in 2015, Cassie is getting better and better at firing a gun, and Cole finally tells her about Haiti and that he knows how to find the Night Room. Cassie also tells him that she's going to take the job at the CDC that Verne offered her, so that she can look for the containment system. When she asks about what happened to Henri, Cole lies to her and says he doesn't know what happened to him. In reality, it was Cole who shot Henri (to prevent him from telling the Army of the 12 Monkeys how to find the Night Room, just as he just told Cole).

Finally back in 2043, Cole learns that Max has been snooping around and he's worried with good reason. She runs into a camp where a man sharpening a knife is thrilled to hear her news: that she's found Cole.

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