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Episode Recap: Divine Move


In 2043, that crusty old grouch who works in the lab (Dr. Adler) updates his voice recorder about what's going down: they have a new core, Cole is traveling in time to 2015, and things are back to normal. But it turns out, Ramse is also breaking up the lab to steal a pile of syringes and torch the place. He's here to save his son from getting erased by the plan to re-do the past.

In 2015, Cole returns to Baltimore and interrupts Cassie and Aaron fooling around in the bookstore. They're pretty surprised to see him, because as far as they knew, they fixed the future and he doesn't exist. Cassie figures out that Oliver Peters was there when the virus was handed off. Aaron is having none of this, and shouts that Cole nearly got Cassie killed (or killed then un-killed) – and so Cassie drives Cole to find more clues, and he tells her he's worried about Ramse.

When Cassie and Cole break into the lab of Oliver Peters and find his dead husband, they end up reading his journal and realize that Peters has basically cooked up a recipe for a plague, and is likely off creating a strain with the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Cassie is pretty frustrated with all of the splintering, and says she'll find Peters while Cole splinters back in 2043. Ramse, meanwhile, rushes back to the abandoned amusement park (Scooby Doo style) to show Elena his prize: the syringes full of Cole's splinter medicines. He is interrupted, though, by the nomad group called "The Daughters" – who may be the remnants of the Army of 12 Monkeys.

Cole wakes up in the hospital to find that Jones is putting him through a treatment to help him feel better. Jones sends Whitley to go out and find Ramse and his syringes.  Ramse, however, has gone to question The Daughters about whether they have anything to do with the Army, and he meets an older Jennifer Goines, who is wearing an awesome hat. She's apparently leader of the Daughters and even in 2043, she's asking about Cole.

Back in 2015, Cassie and Aaron fight their way through their feelings about each other, while in 2043, that cranky old man deems Cole ready to go into the operating tube while Jennifer and Ramse have a conversation about the apocalypse while Whitley comes into the camp and tries to find the injections. One thing leads to another and Elena is killed. So. Ramse is pretty darn furious, and you know who else is? Whitley. Who tells Jones that they'll all be judged one day for what they've done.

Cassie and Aaron go looking for the monkeys that the Army of 12 Monkeys is using to make the virus, and what Cassie finds instead is Dr. Peters, trapped in a shipping container. Turns out he made the virus because the Army of 12 Monkeys were blackmailing him, and he begs Cassie to kill him. Meanwhile, outside in the shipyard, Aaron runs into that spooky and somewhat fancy "you are in a red forest" lady. 

Back in 2043, Ramse comes back to the splinter compound with the syringes and has a heart to heart with Whitley, and then a terrible fight. Ramse's entrance to the compound sets off a lot of alarms. In the chaos, Ramse places a bomb on the splinter machine and faces off with Jones. See, these two both want the same thing: to save their children from the past or the future. Jones manages to get the bomb out of the way amid some gunfire, and traps Ramse in the splinter room. But not before he shoots and kills Max. Goodnight, sweet lovely dreadlocks lady.

But then a whole lot of crazy goes down when Ramse decides to use the splinter machine to send himself back in time. Turns out there's no way to get Ramse back because he didn't have a transponder. Since Cole has only one more jump in him before it kills him, 1987 (where Ramse jumped to) is the endgame for them both. Cole has to find the source of the plague and eliminate it. Once and for all.

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