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Episode Recap: Yesterday


It's 2043 and try as she might, Jones can't seem to get Cole back from Chechnya in 2015. The time machine has stopped working and to get it back up and running, she needs Whitley and Ramse to go to a place called Spearhead for a new core. Worse, if they don't do this soon, Cole could be lost in time forever.

When Ramse asks Jones what Spearhead is, she tells him the tale: shortly after the plague ravaged the world, the President and the Generals and "brightest minds" went away to try and find a cure. They secluded themselves and called the place "Spearhead." When they failed because the virus mutated, one of the Generals staged a coup, and Jones fled to start Project Splinter. As Ramse and Whitley run off to find a new core (Spearhead has the only other working one), Cole is trapped at the bottom of a deep hole, with a bullet in his leg.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Aaron storm Senator Royce's office and demand that he put them on the ground to investigate the virus. Back in in 2043, Whitley and Ramse arrive and meet with General Foster, who seems a little unhinged and tells them that he won't provide them with a manifold because he's using it to search for a cure. When Ramse explores Spearhead, he finds something surprising: an ex-love named Elena who introduces him to her son, Sam. Who's father is…yep, Ramse.

When Jones learns that she can't get the manifold from Whitley, she makes one last attempt to fire up the splinter machine, which definitely injures Cole even worse, but does not bring him back. She only has one choice – to show up at Spearhead herself. Meanwhile, Cassie and Aaron rekindle a bit of their past romance as she packs to leave for Chechnya, while Ramse spends some quality time with his son.

Things are not going great for Cole, though, as the little girl sent to help him seems to be getting the virus herself. And in 2043, General Foster hosts Jones and the company to an elegant dinner where she asks to take their entire core.  What she has in her pocket convinces Foster to listen further – photos of his wife from the past. The two both think they have the solution to the epidemic, but they end at odds. Meanwhile, Elena and Ramse kiss, just as Ramse has to go off with the men.

Meanwhile, in Chechnya, Cassie bribes a cab driver to get her as close as he can to the bomb site, while back in 2043, Jones' team discusses whether or not the virus can be cured, and actually doubt the work they've been doing all this time. Jones, of course, doesn't believe a cure is possible since the virus keeps mutating, and tells Whitley to take the core by any means necessary.

Finally - back in Chechnya, Cassie arrives to the blast site and is overjoyed to find that Cole is gone and nobody survived. But there's a twist! It turns out that Cole DID survive and jumped two years into the future, to 2017, where that pesky virus is still going strong.  With no way to get home, Cole is in real trouble.

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