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10 Questions We Have for Season 3 of 12 Monkeys

We’ve finally got the answer to the Witness’ identity…annnd now we’ve got even more questions. Crap!


We've finally got the answer to the Witness' identity…annnd now we've got more questions. The good news is that we'll have some answers in 2017 (f#$k yeah, Season 3). In the meantime, here's 10 things on our minds after watching the Season 2 Finale.

Do NOT read ahead if you don't want to be spoiled. 

1. Stuck in 1917 France - speaking spotty français - what will become of our girl Jennifer?  


2. That streak of grey in Olivia's hair alludes that some time has passed… so exactly how old will Ramse's "little boy" Sam be when they meet again?

3. Speaking of Sam, will he and Cole's kid (AKA THE WITNESS) have playdates? Kidding. The real question here is, who's son will become more important in Season 3 and how will this effect Cole and Ramse's bromance? Ok, fine, that was two questions but, roll with it.  

4. We can't wait to see what /or who The Witness will look like. Will he have Cole's hair color and Cassie's eyes?

5. Will there be another timeline that feature's The Witness' birth?

6. Will new parents Cole and Cassie make the tough decision to go back to 1959 and undo The Witness' conception?

7. Will we ever get to know the genesis of The Red Forest? Why not the Bordeaux Cave or the Magenta Lake?

8. Now that Jones knows her ex-husband was the mad scientist who built Titan, will she and her baby's daddy meet again in the future?

9. Without old Jennifer or young Jennifer, who will lead The Daughters? Hannah for President!

10. We've seen Deacon make it out of worse fights (cue the Foreman from Episode 5). Was he able to escape The Witness' knife happy henchmen?


Until we're able to get some answers around this camp, let these Season 2 full episodes tide you over.