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12 Monkeys Catch-Up Marathons


What do you want? Time Travel! When do you want it? Irrelevant!

Actually scratch that, time is of the essence if you're looking to get caught up on all of 12 Monkeys Season 1 before Season 2 makes it's triumphant debut in April. You can watch all the time travel adventures of Cole, Cassie, Ramse, and Jennifer after The Expanse on Tuesdays all January long. Prepare your DVR for some binging with our ultra important and useful guid below.

  • January 5 at 11/10c: Episodes 1-3
  • January 12 at 11/10c: Episodes 4-6
  • January 19 at 11/10c: Episodes 7-9
  • January 25 at 11/10c: Episode 1 (just in case!)
  • January 26 at 11/10c: Episodes 10-12
  • February 2 at 12/11c: Episode 13

The best preparation for tomorrow is setting your DVR today!

And if you can't wait for Tuesdays, we've got episode 1 available to watch right here. It's the perfect place to start your binge.