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12 Monkeys’ “Dr. Jones” & “Deacon” Gear Up For Season 2

At last week's New York Comic Con the cast revealed that the time traveling sci-fi drama will venture into new eras, face bigger threats, and promises to answer some of Season 1's biggest questions.


Barbara Sukowa (Dr. Jones) and Todd Stashwick (Deacon) sat down with The Workprint to discuss what you can expect to see in Season 2, which will include new eras, bigger threats and answers to some of Season 1's biggest questions.

Season 2 Premieres in April 2016.

Barbara and Todd talk about the evolution of their characters:

Barbara "Jones in the last season got pretty humbled. Her intellectual bravado doesn't help her much when the brutal force comes in. She has to deal with that in the second season. She is confronting more personal issues, such as issues regarding the plague and time travel gets more important. It's personal issues that come up really strongly for her. She really has to go to the bottom of why she is doing this mission."

Todd "You'll see him be just not an antagonist in season two. He'll find himself more of an ally at times. It doesn't mean they have declawed him. Certainly there is a lot of baggage between him, Cole, and Ramse. There is also a lot to be seen with Railly. She brings out a different side of him. He feels like he's going to help her survive in this environment. His relationship to Jones is different – well it evolves because it wasn't anything in the beginning. I was just something outside of the facility."

For the full interview (with video!), visit The Workprint.