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12 Monkeys Get the VR Treatment

Watch the entire first season through a new, immersive virtual reality environment, only on Hulu.


Attention 12 Monkeys fans! Thanks to Hulu and Oculus Rift headsets you can now watch the entire first season in a new, immersive virtual reality environment.

If one uses the Hulu VR app, one can watch the show's first season IN the temporal facility set any fan is familiar with. Because this is virtual reality, the operating principal is REAL. It feels like one is actually IN the temporal facility. Meaning, you can look around and explore in true, 360 degree vision.  So, just like watching a show in your living room or bedroom means you can look around your living room or bedroom, this experience means you're watching it in the temporal facility - and you can look around accordingly. Hulu partnered with the show's executive producer, Terry Matalas, and production designer, John Mott, to create the space. It's the first show space in the Hulu VR app, so that's pretty cool. 

For those wondering, the Hulu VR app puts viewers directly in the center of their entertainment experiences with more than 30 pieces of original virtual reality content available for free with or without a Hulu subscription. In addition to deep immersion in content, Hulu subscribers can stream Hulu's entire library of 2D content in immersive 3D environments. In May, Hulu announced a partnership with Live Nation to bring virtual reality concert experiences directly to viewers. So 12 Monkeys is in good company!
The Hulu VR app now supports the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus and the Oculus Rift.