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Episode Recap: Blood Washed Away

Will Cole and Cassie's journey to 1957 save the time stream and preserve reality? Plus: At last, Titan City.


Cassie and Cole have been sent to 1957 with one year to find out how to stop the paradox that destroys time. Cake, right? Wrong. After surveying every single employee at the factory the paradox is supposed to take place, they have no clue who the Primary is or how to stop the cataclysmic event. With only two days left on their timeline, tensions are running high between our heroes and Cole retreats to the hotel bar to keep from fighting with Cassie.

Downstairs, Cole runs into one of his co-workers from the factory, Charlie. Charlie tells Cole to forget any problems that he and his lady friend, Cassie, might be having and just go back upstairs and make nice, cause you never know how much time you have left with the one you love. A sweet sentiment, but very sad considering Charlie's wife is dying of cancer. Poor guy.

Cole eventually does return to the room to find Cassie in much better spirits. She has some exciting news. Apparently, the factory is hiring day laborers to make some repairs on the day the paradox is supposed to happen meaning one of them could be the Primary! Phew!

Back in 2045 (a year has passed while the gang travels to Titan), things are not going so great for the team that stayed behind looking for Titan. On the daily they face encroaching temporal storms, warring militias, and the young Jennifer Goines' specific brand of crazy, which is not nearly as wise or reasonable as her older, recently deceased self. The Daughters have had it and are starting to refuse orders.

Adding to the growing sense of doom is the fact that returning from a scouting expedition, Hannah reports not seeing any sign of Titan. The Daughters have HAD IT! Jennifer tries to get them on board with the mission but it's ultimately a fight between the head Daughter and Ramse that stops their near mutiny. Just because they are stopped though doesn't mean they will help and as Ramse and his squad head out in search of Titan, meanwhile, The Daughters (except Hannah) stay put.

In 1957, Cole scopes out the laborers and sees someone who might just be the Primary! Twitchy? Check. Muttering to himself? Check. DREW A GIANT SCREAMING MONKEY ON THE BACK OF HIS APPLICATION!? CHECK! This has to be our guy! The next day Cole and Cassie are feeling great about their chances of stopping the paradox. Why not? They know who the Primary is and all they have to do is take him out before The Messengers can. So, Cole grabs their man and leads him into an alley. This is it. Except, while Cole has their man cornered, a woman comes into the plant carrying a gun shouting about trying to find her husband. Cassie, always prepared, grabs a gun from her purse and goes to find out what all the commotion is. Turns out, someone paid him to act all weird and twitchy and muttery! This same someone paid the jittery guy to draw the screaming monkey on the application. They've been set up by…

CHARLIE! Charlie is actually a Messenger who fell in love with the Primary, his wife and the woman with the gun, he was tasked with taking out! Cole gets to Cassie, Charlie, and his Primary wife before anything happens. Phew! Everything is gonna be… NOT OK! Before Cole and Cassie can stop them Charlie paradoxes his wife and the whole plant goes up in flames. And the mission is over, just like that.

Luckily, our heroes survive the explosion. Not so luckily, Cassie is in a coma. Having waited for her to wake up for quite sometime, Cole comes for one last visit. He is saying good-bye and urges her to forget about him when she wakes up and build a life for herself. Try to be happy in this time. He kisses her on the head and walks out. (crying face emoji)

A couple months later. When Cassie does miraculously wake up, she tries to take Cole's advice. Given her years of modern medical training, she becomes a nurse, helping the doctor pinpoint and cure diseases that he's never even heard of. It seems as if she is finally moving on. Until a knock on the door alerts her that her search for someone has finally yielded results. Morris Morrison has been found. But wait, isn't that the alias that Cole used on one of his missions with Jennifer? Could it be…?

After a drive through the countryside, Cassie comes to the address she was looking for, but the house looks a little too familiar. And by familiar, we mean it looks exactly like the house from Cassie's red tea hallucinations. She walks around the back and startles Cole, who cuts himself while doing manly building stuff, like sawing wood. He cuts his hand and his blood stains the grass, later Cassie helps him wash the blood away in the kitchen sink. Seems we've heard all this before from Olivia, now?

Also? Cole says he bought this house and is fixing it up so the two of them could have a safe place together when she inevitably woke up. Awww. When the two enter the house, Cassie realizes that this house doesn't just look like the house from her hallucinations, it IS the house. Somehow the 12 Monkeys knew that they would be here one day.

Meanwhile in 2045, Ramse and his team have finally found Titan! It was exactly where they thought it would be, which baffles Hannah, as she's sure she looked in this exact spot. No matter though, the gang goes full speed ahead to find… death. Just like the wise Jennifer Goines predicted. You see, The Witness knew they were coming and was prepared. No one from team Ramse survives the attack. **tear**

Back in 1959 Cassie is shaken by the discovery that the 12 Monkeys knew this moment between she and Cole would happen, but after much debate Cassie and Cole decide to forget about what it means that the house is from her hallucinations and they couldn't stop the paradox. They have no way back to the future and they are safe here. The two decide to (FINALLY) give love a chance and do the deed we've been waiting for two seasons to see.