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Episode Recap: Bodies of Water

Cassie and Jennifer must work together to save the future, while Cole makes a surprising move with Deacon.


Ya know that crazy red-tea hallucinogen that everyone is taking that allows them to see time differently?  Well, Olivia uses it to speak to The Witness, and The Witness tells her that she needs to find Cassie and prepare her… but like, prepare her for what? While that's happening in 2016, Cole goes to warn the older Jennifer that she may be in danger since she is a primary. She assures him that she is fine in the present day (2044) as long as her Daughters are protecting her and basically tells Cole that past Jennifer, despite being a primary, is fine too (presumably because she's still alive in 2044 but we have a feeling Jennifer holds other knowledge making her confident she won't die in the past) . She also tells him that the 2016 Jennifer can help them find other primaries so Cole says he'll head back right away, but instead, it's Cassie that needs to go back to contact Jennifer.  

Unrelated to time travel or the time anomalies, Deacon had sent five men out on a supply run, but only one, Clem, came back. Under questioning, Clem admits that he made a deal with The Foreman for his own safety. So Deacon shoots him in the head.

Back in 2016, Jennifer Goines seems to have her life together. She takes her meds, meditates and even adopts a pet turtle (which we see a ton of in 2044). But even though she seems to be nailing it life-wise, she is still kinda obsessed with Cole and hangs out at The Emerson Hotel, waiting for him to return. Surprisingly though, it's not Cole who arrives, but Cassie. Huge womp womp for Jennifer. And oh yeah, an even bigger womp? Turns out that Jennifer's friend Stacy was keeping an eye on her for the 12 Monkeys the whole time and goes a little nuts when she finds Jennifer and Cassie together. Luckily, Cassie is a total bad ass now and takes her out, no problem.

Since Deacon went all crazy and blew Clem's head off, Cole goes to Katarina and begs her to do something about him. Unfortunately, she sees Deacon as a necessary evil, there to keep the facility safe. Cole and Ramse don't buy it though and start to formulate a plan to deal with the whole situation. Meanwhile, Cassie and Jennifer take a road trip to the Goines family summer home in an attempt to trigger some of Jennifer's crazy so that she'll start to see visions again and lead Cassie to another Primary. This plan works like a charm and soon they have the name Kyle Slade, a primary in NYC in the 1970's. Before they can celebrate, The Pallid Man shows up and brings Cassie and Jennifer to Olivia's place. Olivia makes Cassie take some of that hallucinogen tea (everyone's doing it!) while Stacy, whom Jennifer knocks out cold because Stacy had it coming, takes Jennifer into another room. With Stacy unconscious, Jennifer stumbles across this giant time map with everyone's name, birthdate, and death date. Including her own, Sep-tember 23, 2044.  

Meanwhile, Olivia leads Cassie through a guided hallucination which brings her face to face with… Aaron? Is this really just a hallucination? Could Aaron still be alive? Is he The Witness? What is going on? Before we can find anything out, Jennifer rescues Cassie, stabs Olivia, and throws her into an empty pool.

In 2044, Ramse and Cole make a deal with The Foreman, and hands Deacon over to him and his goons, leaving Deacon for dead. If only it were that easy. As soon as Ramse and Cole get back to the facility, they find that Deacon is right behind them, bloodied and bruised but still alive nonetheless. Surprisingly, there are no hard feelings and Deacon tries to initiate peace, asking Cole to bring some whiskey back next time he goes to the past, hinting that he's ready to talk it out over a drink.

Olivia failed. She let Jennifer and Cassie get away and The Pallid Man is furious. He goes to The Witness and asks him if he can take over the mission. The answer is "Yes, it is your birthright." Later, Cassie waits for Cole (who blips in from 2044) at Emerson Hotel to tell him what she and Jennifer found out about Kyle Slade, and to warn him. Kyle is the most dangerous and deranged Primaries we've seen so far. Also? He knows that Cole is coming for him. Uh-oh…