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Episode Recap: Hyena

To save the last Primary, Cole must turn to a mortal enemy. Plus: Jennifer Goines, radical revolutionary?


In 2016, Jennifer Goines decided that enough is enough and it is time to take the fight to the 12 Monkeys. But she can't take on the Monkeys alone, so she springs some of her old co-horts from the asylum to help her on her mission. What do this group of vigilante women call themselves? Well, what's the natural predator of the monkey? The Hyenas.

While all that's going down in the past, the future appears to be kind of screwed. The temporal anomalies are getting worse. They know another Primary needs to be saved from getting paradoxed, but they don't know whom, where, or when. Cole goes to the only Primary they know, Jennifer Goines, for answers but all she can tell him is that back in 2016 she and her band of misfits were hunting the Tall Man and he knows where to find this final Primary. Oh, and she tells him to keep Cassie and Ramse away from Titan. But what the hell is Titan? With that, Cole heads to 2016.

In 2016, Cole finds Jennifer and The Hyenas  -- who actually seem to have a pretty good thing going for them, apart from being totally crazy. The ladies somehow managed to get a bugged phone to The Tall Man, which allows them to learn that the Monkeys are looking for Dr. Peters. Remember him? The dude who created the virus in the first place? Apparently, he didn't go into hiding when Cass let him live, but instead went about trying to create a cure for the virus. The Hyenas decide to go after him and use him as bait to draw out the Tall Man.

While Cole is dealing with the big bag of crazy that is the Hyenas, Cassie and Ramse have it in their heads that they NEED to find Titan, which is allegedly where The Witness is. They know this cause the psycho 70's Primary told Ramse this and Cass saw it in one of her Witness induced hallucinations. Hannah suggests that the two go and find The Keeper, a man with a large database of information who trades in truths… whatever that means.

Regardless, the two find The Keeper and are greeted with a barrage of bullets. After a quick firefight, our buddies are then tied to chairs and hooked up to lie detector tests. If they tell the truth, The Keeper will give them the info they are looking for. If they lie he'll kill them. Being forced to tell the truth leads them to reveal a lot of deep feels about how they both are jealous of the other's relationship with Cole. DRAMZ.

Back in 2016, Cole and the Hyenas find Dr. Peters and tell the world that he is putting on a press conference in order to draw The Tall Man out. Cole and Jennifer want to kidnap him and pump him for info. The Hyenas want him dead. After a bit of a tussle, Cole and Jennifer are able to escape the Hyenas clutches and nab the Tall Man. PHEW.  Cole and Jennifer then get The Tall Man somewhere for a bit of questioning (torture). But all is good because he soon gives up the name and location of the final Primary! 1957! Huzzah! Except -- something doesn't seem quite right. Why does The Tall Man seem so happy that the press conference is still happening? It seems almost like he wanted it OMG THE WHOLE HOSPITAL JUST BLEW UP KILLING DR. PETERS AND THE HYENAS! It was a trap within a trap. The 12 Monkeys then show up to rescue the Tall Man and after some gunfire is exchanged, they are able to do just that.

Cole and Jennifer make it back to the hotel where a distraught Jennifer tries drowning her sorrows in booze. The death of her Hyenas makes her strongly doubt her ability to lead, but a pep talk from Cole gives her the strength to keep on fighting. As soon as Cole splinters back to the future there's a knock at the door, which turns out to be… Cole from another time! Looking VERY beat up.

Since Cassie and Ramse were able to tell the truth, The Keeper gives them the information they were looking for. Or at least all that he could. What he gives them is a highly redacted CIA brief that points them to a Dr. Kirchner in 1961 East Berlin. Doesn't give them much to go on, but it's enough to put the two on a new mission to find and kill The Witness.

Back at the lab, Katarina and Hannah share a tender moment after some earlier awkwardness. Katrina shows Hannah a picture of her father, who if you'll remember was also working on time travel and left Katarina a few days after their wedding never to be seen again…that is until now when we see him having a drink with The Tall Man. It seems that The Tall Man is trying to get the scientist to help the 12 Monkeys with a project so MASSIVE it could only be called one thing: TITAN.