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Episode Recap: Immortal

Ramse and Cole must travel to 1975 New York to stop the murder of a primary, while Cassie faces a new terror.


So, remember those big red clouds? The "temporal anomalies" that if you get caught in one of their freak storms you're toast? Well, they are getting bigger and Katarina is freaking out. They need to keep the Messengers from paradoxing another Primary! Luckily, they've found the Messengers next target: Kyle Slade, a serial killer in 1975, who goes by the name The Immortal.  Not everyone is freaking out about time collapsing on itself, though. Ramse is getting to spend a lot of time with his son now that he's free. But little Sam knows something bad is going down and begs his dad to think about the millions of lives that are in danger and with that Ramse is joining Cole on his mission.

The boys head to New York City in 1975 in search of Kyle Slade, who they believe to be the next Primary to die. Slade is a decorated war vet and also a crazy murdering lunatic who dismembers people. In order to find him, they follow his last victim, a single mom named Victoria, in hopes that she will lead them to him. The plan works except Cole is not kosher with watching this woman get murdered and saves her, creating a shift in time that incapacitates the boys - allowing Kyle to get away.

So, they need a new plan. And remember that surely the cops would be looking for him. If they feed the name to the cops, then Slade goes into custody where he'll be safe from the Messengers. Everything works out great until Slade tells Cole that The Witness is here in 1975 and he can bring Cole to him. But now he's getting arrested, so…it's a real pickle.
While all this is going on in 1975, Cassie and Jennifer are becoming quite a wacky duo themselves. You'll remember that Cassie stayed in 2016 to take care of Jennifer after everything they went through together up at the Goines summer house. Or did she stay to find out why Aaron appeared to her in her 12 monkeys induced hallucination? Hard to say, but it's starting to wear on her.  While grabbing some ice from the machine in the hall, Cassie sees something, which she follows and it leads her to … Aaron! But he died, didn't he? Apparently, the 12 Monkeys saved him and nursed him back to health AND convinced him that destroying time is best for everyone. Cassie remains unconvinced.

Back to the boys… This new info about The Witness maybe being in this time makes Cole do some crazy stuff that Ramse is not down with. After Cole steals a cop car, Ramse tells him that if he wants to follow this guy to MAYBE find The Witness, he has to do it on his own. And just like that, Cole leaves Ramse behind.

After all that drama, Ramse heads back to the hotel where he finds Victoria tied to a chair because somehow one of the Messengers found them. This isn't good. A struggle ensues and Victoria stabs the Messenger who bats her away and is about to stab her when Ramse comes back and kills him. Well, that's one Messenger down. But now Ramse is worried and goes off to find Cole.  And Ramse should be worried about Cole because Slade is leading him through a veritable house of horrors complete with dismembered body parts hanging from the ceiling, murals painted in blood, trip wires connected to a bunch of explosives and what Slade is convinced is The Witness in a cage…

Cole unmasks The Witness who ends up being the other Messenger. Slade doesn't buy this and goes a little nuts. Ramse finds Cole and Slade, but unfortunately so do the cops who trip the explosive booby trap. Everything is chaos, but Cole and Ramse get the upper hand and take out both the Messenger and our crazy friend Slade. Phew!

Back to Cass… Aaron is making some good points as to why they should let the 12 Monkeys destroy time, but ultimately Cassie sides with team-save-the-world. This doesn't make Aaron happy and then his eyes go all crazy and it turns out he's actually THE WITNESS! But as soon as we see him, he's gone and Cass wakes up in the hotel lobby… Whats going on?

With the mission successful, the boys head back to 2044 where they find that stopping the Messenger from paradoxing the Primary made some of the scary red clouds go away. When they realize that things might actually be ok, Cole and Ramse share some bro-y feelings. Aw-wwww. But…oof, Cassie, you guys.  Jennifer leaves her a sweet note and then leaves to fight the good fight. Cassie is still super shaken up from her run in with The Witness and then, oh God The Witness is back. But then he disappears again? And then? Cassie's eyes go black like Aaron's did. Is she now under The Witness' control?