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Episode Recap: Memory of Tomorrow

In the season finale, sacrifices are made, time travel is turned on its head and The Witness is revealed. Guest Star: Madeline Stowe.


It's Christmas day in the year 1959. After failing to stop the paradox that destroys time and getting stuck in 1957, Cassie and Cole have been building a new life together in this time/place that disease and the 12 Monkeys can't get them. Among the gifts the couple exchange on Christmas morning is a letter Cassie gives Cole, informing him that he's going to be a father. AWWWWWWWWWW.

Soon after, on a trip into town for groceries, something VERY weird happens. Time freezes and everything stops except for Cole. He heads outside to investigate where he finds he's not the only one unaffected by this time paralysis. There's this lady standing in the street, blood dripping down her arm. She looks right at Cole and says, "It's not over James." Uh oh. Maybe our lovers aren't as safe as they thought. But just like that, mystery woman vanishes.

Cole decides to let it slide and not tell Cassie what he saw. She's all happy in baby-land, why ruin that? But, a few days later it happens again, this time in front of a psychiatric hospital. When time restarts again, he goes inside to see if maybe the mystery woman is there. Lo and behold, he finds her and learns that her name is Lillian (played by Madeleine Stowe, everybody!). Lillian is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (Primary?) who warns that they aren't safe. Time is collapsing all around them! To prove it to him she sends Cole out into the forest.

In the forest Cole finds a red tree! Surrounded by the little time anomalies! Uh oh. Cole takes some of the red leaves back to Lillian who tells him he can go back and save them all. But how will he do that when he doesn't have a time machine? Lillian tells him that he can use the leaves to send his consciousness back in time to any place he's ever been but advises him to find himself in 1957 to stop the paradox and save time. If he does though, the last two years will be erased. She also tells him that when he makes it back to 2044, he should not go to Titan to save Ramse. If he does, he's still just playing right into the Witness' hands. Our hero has a lot to think about.

Cole heads home and gets ready to say goodbye to this life that he and Cassie have built. As much as he'd love to keep things as they are, he has a world to save. So he drinks the red leaf potion and just like that his consciousness floats through time. It takes him a little while to find the right place but eventually he does it! He makes it to 1957, stops the paradox and saves time.

Cassie and Cole soon after splinter back to 2044 where they are reunited with Katrina who has been alone in the facility for almost a year. This version of time has turned her into kind of a bad ass. The three swap stories and reunite. It's good to see familiar faces again.

However, they still have friends out there who are going to die. Even though Lillian warned him to stay away from Titan, Cole can't let that happen, so he, Cassie and Katarina splinter themselves to go rescue their friends, but they stumble upon find Jennifer and the Daughters first. If you'll remember, The Daughters are NOT feeling this mission anymore, but our heroes can't save their friends without their help. So, Jennifer tries her best to rouse them with a big speech but it's one line from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure that get's the ladies going, "Be excellent to each other."

Ramse and his gang have made it to Titan. We know what happens next. If Cole et al don't make it in time, Ramse is done for. Luckily, the cavalry arrives in the knick of time and all the good guys are able to take down the bad guys no problem. They question a few of the surviving baddies to find out where The Witness is, but the only response they get is that The Witness is safe. But where?!

Our gang splits up to explore Titan. Cassie and Cole are searching together when Cassie says something that makes all the memories of their life together in 1959 come rushing back. She loves him and remembers everything! Before the two can get all emotional about it Katarina figures out the reason Hannah couldn't find Titan before was because it wasn't there yet. Turns out, the whole place is one giant time machine and it's about to splinter! Time. To. GO!

Everyone is split up but trying to make it to the exits. Katrina and Hannah make it out just fine. Ramse is rescued by a dude dressed like one of the bad guys who says to follow him if Ramse wants to find The Witness. Deacon sacrifices himself to save Jennifer, trying to make amends for killing her older self. While escaping though, Jennifer accidentally gets splintered to god knows where/when. Cassie and Cole are just about to make it out of Titan when a gang of bad guys jumps them at the last second. The two tussle and fight but ultimately Cole is shoved out of Titan while Cassie is dragged back in. Suddenly, Titan splinters and Cassie and Cole have been separated again.

Titan is gone and our gang is all over the place. Ramse is taken by the dude who saved him to OLIVIA (?!) who says she is going to take him to his son. Meanwhile, Jennifer's splinter has apparently taken her to France in the year 1917. Cole and Katarina return to the facility and figure out that Cassie has been taken to THE FUTURE! Cole demands that Katarina splinter him there and after sharing her reservations about doing so, begrudgingly agrees.

The year is 2163 and Cassie is ushered into a room filled with The Witness' men. Cassie is shocked when she sees a familiar face: THE TALL MAN! Could he be The Witness? Nope, the truth is eve more messed up. The Tall Man tells Cassie that the witness is: HER AND COLE'S UNBORN BABY!  *faints*