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Episode Recap: Resurrection

In an effort to save the last Primary, Cole must battle those he loves most.


It's 2044 and those temporal storms we keep hearing about are here. As in RIGHT HERE!  Jennifer Goines isn't moving even though her Daughters are freaking out. Jennifer seems as cool as a cucumber, but what is she waiting for, and what does she know that we don't?

Cole and Katarina are making plans to get Cole back to 1957 (finally!) in order to stop the paradox and hopefully these terrifying storms. However, Ramse, Cassie, and Dr. Adler have other plans that involve taking the facility and using the machine to warp them to Titan to find and take out The Witness!  

The storm outside is starting to make its way in and people are getting hurt left and right. Cole calls for Cassie, the only medical doctor on site, to come and take a look at some of the people who are injured. Cassie uses this time to beg Cole to see things her way. It seems as if Cole might be starting to hear her and then GUNSHOTS! Ramse's plan has gone into action so Cole handcuffs Cassie and heads out to try and stop his ex-bestie.

Cole doesn't know who all might be on Ramse's side so he goes searching for someone to help him even the odds; Deacon. But when he finds Deacon, the brute is a mess! Drunk and mopey and just in a general state of uselessness, so Cole gives him a quick but potent pep talk and now the two are in cahoots to stop Ramse's gang.

Speaking of people you didn't know were on Ramse's side; WHITLEY! The head of Katarina's military personnel! He lets Ramse and his team waltz right into the control center so Dr. Adler can start plotting the coordinates for Titan (They are going to rejigger the time machine to basically use it as a teleportation device). Soon though, Cole comes bursting in solo. He realizes he can't take out Ramse's whole gang, but he doesn't really need to – he just needs to take out Adler. Cole is about to fire when Cassie tackles him from behind and basically kicks his ass. Ramse et al. then head to the machine. It's almost time!

Cole manages to escape the facility and heads out to find Jennifer and The Daughters. When he finds them, surprisingly, Jennifer knows exactly why he is there and agrees to head back to the facility with him and help him retake the machine. This is what she was waiting for the whole time!  So Cole has his cavalry, but how are they all supposed to get back into the facility? That is where Deacon comes in. He takes out the guards on the roof and secures a way to get the reinforcements up there, while Ramse and his gang think they will be approaching from the loading docks. With that little bit of trickery, Cole and The Daughters easily take back the machine!

But soon tragedy strikes when Deacon's temper is ignited and there is a quick tussle and Jennifer is shot in the stomach! The Daughters are outraged:  if Jennifer dies, the Daughters are going to kill everyone! Jennifer tells Cole that she is done for, but implores him to "resurrect" her, by going back in time and bring her from the past to the future in order to lead.

Cole goes back in time to 2016 and finds Jennifer from when she just lost her Hyenas and brings her to 2044 (remember how, at the end of Episode #9, a version of Cole showed up asking for Jennifer's help? It's this cole). Jennifer is brought face to face with her older self and faced with this choice: Lead her Daughters to safety and hope that Cole finds a way to stop the paradox in 1957 or take her Daughters and use them to help Ramse and Cassie find Titan by land. After a heart to heart with herself, she opts for going to Titan and taking out The Witness.

So everyone has a plan now. Katarina sends Cole back to 1957 to stop the paradox and Ramse, Cassie and The Daughters head out to Titan. But Cassie keeps looking back. Can she leave Cole to take on this mission by himself? NO! She jumps out of the cavalry and runs back to the facility where Katarina gladly sends her back before hightailing it to safety. Or trying to. As Katarina tries to make it out of the facility she is stopped at every turn by the temporal storm. She bids a tearful goodbye to Hannah and heads back to the machine, watching the lab crumble around her until it finally takes her.

Cole has made it safely to 1957 and checked into the hotel Emerson as per usual. As he walks into the lobby he is surprised to see that Cassie is there too. He's not in this alone. The two of them are going to save time, together.