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Talking Monkeys Podcast: Episode #1

Cassie's in the future and packing heat! Cole and Ramse are kinda friends! Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey! Jennifer's still nuts! Our stars dish in our first podcast.


Big news, gang. For Season 2 of 12 Monkeys, we're doing an official podcast - Talking Monkeys, hosted by Clarke Wolfe (@clarkewolfe). Each podcast installment will dive deep into an episode, breaking down the action, answering questions, exploring mythology, sharing backstage anecdotes and more. 

12 Monkeys showrunner/co-creator Terry Matalas will be on hand for each episode, along with cast members like Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and more. 

Take a listen below to our first episode, where the gang dissects the Season 2 opener, Year of the Monkey. Cassie's armed! Ramse and Cole are kinda sorta friends! Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey shows up! Jennifer's still nuts! 

New episodes will be out the day after a new episode of 12 Monkeys airs (which, in case you weren't paying attention, is every Monday at 9/8c). Subscribe with iTunes or Subscribe with Google Play.

Warning: Spoilers lie ahead. Listen at your own risk.

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