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Episode Recap: Brothers

Cole faces the unthinkable to save the woman he loves. Plus: Escape from the time travelling city of Titan.


Ramse and Cole are waiting around 2007, in the Emerson Hotel, trying to come up with a plan to kill The Witness. Something about his is not sitting right with Cole. Let’s be clear, he has good reason to be a little suspicious – this whole scheme is totally a set-up by Ramse and Olivia to kill Cassie and take The Witness out before he can be born.  For now, though, Cole and Ramse get to work finding some weapons with which to kill The Witness. They remember a notorious gunrunner who was the father of a friend. And off they go to a gunfight that ends up stocking them up with weapons. 

Back in 2046, Jennifer Goines is starting to freak out. She's getting those visions again and is drawing them all the time now. Everyone still seems to think she's a kook. But Jones sees an image of a dying man and wants to know who it is. Thing is? Jennifer doesn't know. So she turns to the one person who might have some answers about this – Olivia. Jennifer Goines interrogates her for quite a while and remembers that there’s a map called "The Word of The Witness." It’s odd that Olivia didn’t tell Jones about that map. Jennifer tells Olivia that she's on to her – and if anything happens to Cole, she’s dead.

Meanwhile, Ramse is trying to carry out his plan to kill Cassie. He has her paged at a hospital and follows her down a hallway where he shoots her in the head…and it turns out not to be Cassie. That poor girl. Desperate, Ramse gets Cole to open up about where Cassie would have been in this time period.  Cole says that in 2007 she was in Parsippany, New Jersey at an outbreak at a community center. Cole just handed Ramse her location. They decide to split up to try and get this Witness murder done, and Ramse heads off to find Cassie.

Now, Cassie, this whole time has been on Titan, with Deacon. They’ve had a few run-ins with hooded Army of the 12 Monkeys types, but after a tricky knife battle, Deacon and Cassie find their way off of Titan just as it splinters away. A quick warning from Mallick before they go: "Find your son."  Mallick is in trouble. Now that the faithful members are aware that Cassie has escaped, the leadership wants answers. Mallick tries to wave them off, but suspicion is running rampant.

As Ramse gets to the Parsippany Community Center to kill Cassie, he realizes that Cole was onto him the whole time. Ramse tells Cole something he didn't know before - that The Witness is the child of Cole and Cassie. Ultimately, after a lot of difficult dude-feelings between Cole and Ramse, there's a chase and Cole shoots Ramse dead in order to save Cassie. These two brothers, having seen each other through so much, have reached their end. Not knowing what to do next, Cole actually does seek Cassie out.  With Ramse dead, Cole splinters home.

In the distance future, Cassie and Deacon find the compound and while it’s deserted and still a mess, they dig up a box clearly left for them by …someone. The box is opened to reveal: a twin pair of injections that can splinter them back to the compound in 2046 (Cassie figures she left it for herself when she got back to the past. Confusing but think about it for a second). And that’s where Cole has just arrived, furious and ready to kill Olivia. She stops him just in time by reminding her that he needs her - to find his son. He’s about to go through with killing her anyway when the alarms go off. Deacon and Cassie have arrived. With one look, Cassie confirms the secret that Olivia and Ramse have been telling Cole -that their son is The Witness.