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Episode Recap: Enemy

An old enemy unveils a dangerous new scheme which could shatter bonds and unravel reality.


Ramse has arrived at the compound with Olivia. Cole is happy to see the man he thinks of as a brother, but Jones is not entirely sure that Ramse is friendly or not. She manages to convince Cole to be careful, just as Jennifer reminds the group that Olivia is bad news. As an extra precaution, the gang build Olivia her own private prison, complete with electrified fence and nobody to talk to. First things first, finding out if Ramse is friendly or not.

Jones pays a visit to Ramse and is pretty tough on him until he confesses that Sam was killed. While Hannah lived and Jones got her daughter back, Sam died and Ramse lost his child. It's enough to convince Jones that Ramse is on the level. He wants nothing more than to kill The Witness so Jones decides to put him back on the team. There’s still the matter of Olivia, so Cole goes to visit her. That’s when she finally lets them all know that she was the little girl in 1961, who Dr. Kirchner raised as a test subject. Cole and Jones are a little freaked out by the revelation and Jones orders a battery of tests on her. Turns out? She's got some seriously strong genes, is immune to the virus and is a little bit unstoppable.

So. Here’s a twist. Remember when Deacon died at the end of Season 2? Psyche! Turns out, he's not dead! All this time, he's been on Titan and getting stitched up by Mallick, that bald dude who keeps trying to help Cassie. Deacon spends some time in prison on Titan getting his strength back thanks to a hallucinatory version of his abusive father. Wait for it, Deacon’s got a bigger part to play here.

Having seen Olivia’s test results, Jones swings by her electric cage and the two have a tense conversation. Olivia offers a deal: if Jones gives her the machine, she'll give her The Witness. When Jones questions this, Olivia insults her and calls her a butcher and a bad mother. So, Jones puts her in the machine and tortures her like crazy. It’s Hannah that shows up and tells her mother that torturing Olivia for information isn't going to work. And she’s right. Instead, Cole decides to send Olivia back in time to a dark room in the basement a few months prior. Solitary confinement, the thing that Olivia hates most, turns out to be the most effective way to get information out of her. Olivia tells the assembled team at the Compound that there's a single moment, one chance -where they can kill The Witness. She's willing to tell them. And Ramse and Cole are going to go back and perform the mission.

As Deacon's hallucination father convinces him that he's being manipulated, Deacon chooses to come up with a better plan for what's next. When Mallick comes to release him, he puts his plan in motion. Deacon's big redemption comes in the form of finding Cassie. She may now have a real chance at escape. One things for sure, she's way happy to see him.

Cole and Ramse are sent back to the Emerson hotel in 2007; Jennifer has a terrible feeling about this. She doesn't want Cole to go, but he does. It turns out that Jennifer Goines is right, of course. Because this plan is actually a whole set up between Ramse and Olivia - the plan is to go back to 2007 where Ramse is going to kill…Cassie Railly so that she never gives birth to the Witness.