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Episode Recap: Guardians

Cole travels to 1922 and faces new enemies, while the origins of the Witness world-ending plan are revealed.


The big question here is what could be in this box? These “four horsemen” types are carrying around a box and they’re taking it through time. The question is, “what’s inside?”  The first time they’re seen is in 1921, in Paris. Y’know who else is there? Jennifer Goines. Her big plan to get back to the future is to put on some shows. We get it; it’d be our first idea too. She stages ET, Jaws, and Alien. And she hopes that she’ll get a big enough audience for Cole and Jones to figure that out in the future. It turns out that her performances also draw the attention of the four horsemen. When one comes to kill her, she makes a narrow escape because Jones and Cole arrive just in time. Jones finds that the horsemen have portable suits that can splinter one person quickly and conveniently. Cole and Jennifer get into a HUGE fight and she storms off as Jones and Cole decide they need to find the horsemen.

Back on Titan, Cassie is taken to a room with that giant map, red plants, creepy masks and a monologue about what's to come. Mallick, one of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, informs her that her son will one day return in adult form and lead the Army of 12 Monkeys to salvation. The Red Forest. The end of time. Also, though? Mallick offers to help Cassie escape; he’s a 12 Monkeys traitor!

Meanwhile, back in 2046, Ramse is hopping mad at Olivia. For many reasons. She had the location of his son Sam for decades and didn't tell him. And just as they arrive to see Sam, it becomes obvious that Sam has been gravely injured in a battle. Sam’s final act on this Earth is to ask Ramse to kill him and put him out of his wartorn misery. Ramse does, and then turns his rage to Olivia, who convinces him that she knows how to stop The Witness once and for all. Against better judgment, Ramse agrees.

Back in Paris, Jennifer Goines sees a red balloon (remember her music video?) and her Primary witchy ways begin tingling. She recognizes a woman with a parasol from one of her OWN DRAWINGS and, decides to follow her back to the hotel.  Her intuition turns out to be spot on because she arrives just in time to help distract the horsemen from killing Jones and Cole.  A shootout in a hotel hallway means Jones is hit in the shoulder and Cole rushes into the room where that box is kept. On Titan, Cassie rushes to the ceremony where they're packing the box and we all learn what it is. It’s The Witness himself, in baby form!

Back in Paris in the 20's, Magdalena intervenes and shoots Cole in the chest. She's getting awfully good at this. She splinters back in time a few months to warn herself that Cole will find them, causing the Guardians (that's what we're calling these peeps that carry around the Witness in a box) to leave town. Months later, Jones and Cole and Jennifer find the timeline has changed because of that, meaning the Guardians and the Witness were never there. 

Jones and Cole bring Jennifer back through the splinter machine. And make her, once again, part of the team; despite the fact that Jones thinks she's both an asset and a danger. Just as they’re about to regroup for their next mission, a visitor has arrived at the gate. Yep Ramse’s home and this time, he’s brought Olivia with him.