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Episode Recap: Masks

Former friends, now enemies, race to find the Witness in 1904. And, at last, he reveals his face.


The Witness (Athan) and his Teacher (Sebastian) hide out in 1879 and living without technology is exhausting them. Athan is having a lot of troubling visions, so Sebastian suggests that he sit down and draw a map of what he’s been seeing. And that, friends, is where we got "The Word of The Witness." Cassie and Cole have been looking for their son throughout time, and Hannah and Deacon are hot on their trail. On a train in 1945, the pair is able to escape, and Cole begs with his former friends to stop following them. But Jones, who believes that she can find them and take them down for their betrayal, is NOT giving up. They lied to her and they were unable to kill their son.

Baffled as to why they keep missing Cassie and Cole throughout time, Jones goes to visit Olivia, who tells her that Cassie and Cole are learning to think like The Witness. Jones believes that Olivia can help, and so she lets her out of her prison, much to the anger of Jennifer Goines. This is where Olivia reveals her suspicions  since the team is following tips that come directly from Jennifer, it’s more than likely that SHE is the one who’s leading them astray. Jennifer works fast, making a temporal explosion and escaping to 1899.

1899 is also where Cassie and Cole are looking for a clue from The Word of the Witness that reads "The Red Death. Two pence for a pauper. " They find it in an ad for a fancy ball and then spend a good deal of time pickpocketing old-timey Londoners and learning to dance. After searching the room for a likely candidate to be their son, they realize they’re looking for a pauper as the map suggests. And that’s where they find – Sebastian, The Witness’ Teacher. Cassie and Cole ask him where to find Athan but are interrupted by Hannah, Deacon and Jones. As Jones takes Cole to the dance floor and tells him she has a gun, Deacon takes Cassie off to question her. While everyone wants The Witness dead, Cassie and Cole try to convince them that The Witness can change. Things look bleak until Jennifer Goines shows up and shoots fireworks out of her costume. It's a glorious moment of escape for Cassie and Cole. And the second time this episode for Jennifer! Escape streak!

As they escape with Sebastian, Cassie and Cole find that Athan has decided he doesn’t need a guardian and had gone off 20 years prior with the splinter suit. Athan, it turns out, wants a destiny that is his own, not that of The Witness. It's still confusing as to why this moment is important and on the Word of the Witness map – that is until Sebastian realizes that HE's the pauper and this is his moment of death. As he creates a distraction for Cassie and Cole to splinter away, Deacon kills him.

Back in 2046, Jennifer Goines’ escape streak comes to an end and she finds herself back in prison for being a traitor. Somehow Olivia made it happen - the switcheroo that Jennifer had feared most. Following a tip from Sebastian, Cassie and Cole make their way to 1919 Islington Road, and find themselves in the home of their son. Chock full of both new clues and new mysteries. Finally, as Sebastian lay dying, a masked man reveals himself as The Witness (Guys, it’s Gaius Baltar for Battlestar Galactica!). Grown up and ready for the next part of our story. (And it’s a doozy…hurry back.)