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Join The Army of The 12 Monkeys! Print Your Own Mask

It's time you put on the plague mask you've been dying to wear. 


Get ready to binge all of 12 Monkeys' third season this weekend starting at 8pm on Friday May 19, straight through Sunday night. 

Watch the trailer for this epic weekend below!

Are your loins girded yet? Well there's more! What better way to watch Season 3 than with your very own piece of The Witness right there with you?! Syfy Labs has exclusive printable 3D files waiting for you to do just that! 

If you've ever pictured yourself running happily through the Red Forest and completely obliterating time as we know it, print yourself a Plague mask. You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to creep everyone out by watching 12 Monkeys through the eyes of a 12 Monkeys mask. Meta!!!


Or maybe you'd prefer to watch side-by-side with your own personal Witness companion. Print The Witness bust and stare in wonder at how statuesque and weirdly adorable it is. 

The Witness Bust

Or go crazy and print them both! Just be careful you don't go too crazy. Being locked up for 12 Monkeys obsession is real - just ask Jennifer Goines.