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Episode Recap: After

A clue to breaking the cycle leads Cole and Cassie to the 1960s. Christopher Lloyd returns as Zalmon Shaw, a devoted follower of the Witness.


Now that Olivia knows that Team Splinter is searching for a weapon that can destroy Titan, she seeks out an old Army of the 12 Monkeys operative to help her find them and bring them to justice: the one they called Zalmon Shaw. All he wants is to relive the glorious times in his past, and she'll provide his ability to do that forever - if he completes a mission.    

Meanwhile, in 2043, the gang find a clue from the past: a crime scene photo from a hotel room in 1966 with the words "Climb the Stairs. Ring the Bell" written on the wall. That's what the Primaries keep saying leads to the weapon! Since it turns out (in a later released FBI file), that the dead guys in the photo were looking for “a weapon,” Cassie and Cole get all gussied up in the grooviest 1960’s duds they can find and head back to the Emerson Hotel. The problem is (as Cassie rightfully points out): every time they go back in time, something happens and they end up in a time loop where they cause the accident.    

Weirdly enough? That’s sort of what happens. Cassie and Cole are too late and find that they missed the drop of "the weapon." But they find a way to reschedule the drop off at the Emerson Hotel. As Cassie keeps an eye out for the 12 Monkeys but has a painful headache that looks almost dangerous. And Cole, upstairs in the hotel room, charms a Russian into giving him the weapon. But it all goes awry: Cassie meets the 12 Monkeys, and comes back upstairs to find that Cole has been poisoned by the Zalmon's son, an eccentric little fellow. So she goes BACK to the future, and Jones sends her back to minutes before so she can warn Cole. That’s what Cassie’s weird headache was. Nearly a paradox! But then, because Cole needs to get this weapon to end Titan (and because of causality…)    Cole goes through with it all over again. Cassie has a conversation with Zalmon about how great the Red Forest would be, and is taken hostage by the Army. It turns out that the poison was administered to them both. Cassie was saved by the antidote, but Cole wasn't.    

So back in 2043, Jones and Jennifer Goines start thinking about all the ways they can go back and help. And it turns out that the report that sent them back to the 60s was filed by the incredible and awesome Robert Gale! The FBI Agent! Turns out he saved himself with a bullet proof vest in Berlin! So, Jennifer Goines gets all gussied up 60s style and goes back to figure out how to help save the gang. She finds Agent Gale and ends up, yep, being the reason that the words are on the wall and the dudes are dead. Causality as a loop! Once more! Gale has a plan to save Cole from poison, though, and sends Goines in as he confronts Zalmon (which ultimately brings the Zalmon’s cycle to an end). Read: Gale shoots Zalmon in front of the Zalmon's son, who scurries off into the night.    

While upstairs, Jennifer Goines enters with the antidote to save Cole. The first Cassie thinks that Cole is dying, while the second Cassie waits it out in the other room! Causality is really in danger here. Downstairs, Deacon steals "the weapon" from the guy in the lobby and when Jennifer Goines catches up to him, he leaves, but not before a quick wink, which hints that he's on their side! So, they don't have the weapon, but as they talk it through, Agent Gale pieces together a series of clues.  

It turns out the Nazis found something of antiquity called "die glocke" (the bell). Looks like the gang is going back to World War 2. Hannah definitely wants to go with them, but Jones tells her no. There's something Jones needs Hannah to do. Cassie and Cole have a chat about how they probably won't survive this. And Cassie remembers what Zalmon told her. That the Red Forest means the ability to be with ALL time at all times. And frankly, that's starting to sound pretty good to her.