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Episode Recap: Daughters

Jones sends Hannah back in time to 2007 on a personal mission that could be the key to everything.


The story of Team Splinter battling against The Army of the 12 Monkeys often comes down to "daughters." The army that Jennifer Goines runs in 2043 are called The Daughters. Olivia has a daughter named Emma, who was born with a purpose: to learn as much as she can about time travel (from Elliot and Katarina Jones, it turns out) and then build and complete Titan, so that Olivia could carry out her plan to blow up time and create the Red Forest.  Jones has a daughter named Hannah, who's been fighting to keep time as it is, and her mother has recently sent her away, to live in 2007, and learn about the world: before the plague hits. So, it naturally follows that the daughters would eventually intersect.

But first: Katarina Jones has been captured (by Deacon, who's on her side) and is currently on Titan, taunting Olivia about the weapon that Primaries have built to destroy Titan. But Olivia has plans to steal the knowledge from inside Katarina's head. Olivia hooks Katarina up to a ma-chine with her and the two battle it out. She tries to extract
knowledge about the weapon with hallucinations about Cole, Cassie, and Hannah. But Jones proves to be tougher than that. Jones turns the tables on Olivia, finding her way into HER head. Katarina is a formidable opponent. Olivia is frustrated, and threatens Katarina by saying she'll go after Hannah. It's an odd look on Olivia, because she's relying on her OWN daughter, Emma, to complete her project, Titan. Em-ma starts to
get completely demoralized by being forced to complete Titan. Olivia knows that without Titan, she has nothing, and she's starting to push Emma harder.

Meanwhile, back in 2009, Hannah goes on a date with Bryan, the bartender at the Emerson Ho-tel. He's delightful and…they might REALLY like each other.  And in 2043, Cassie and Cole and Team Splinter are trying to come up with a plan to rescue Katarina from Titan.

Katarina is forced to watch as Olivia murders a version of Hannah over and over again. It's tor-ture. And Katarina finally succumbs and gives her a place and a date to find the weapon: Eng-land in 1491. It works! Katarina finally got Olivia to jump Titan to the place she needed. Which means Dr. Adler and Team Splinter can track her through time and jump to 1491 themselves. It's a risk, they don't have enough processing power and they may never see home again. Still, the team decides to take this leap of faith, and head for the middle ages.  But right after Jennifer Goines jumps away, an intruder enters the Emerson Hotel/Splinter Lab. Cassie and Cole rush out to meet…old woman Jennifer Goines! Remember her? She lives in 2043 and knows more than we thought! Jennifer tells them about her time in medieval times. The timelines are changing so much now that their noses are starting to bleed. Jennifer tells Dr. Adler to fix the splinter suit. And that she's in a lot of danger back in Medieval Times.

Hannah, meanwhile, in 2009, runs into some bad dudes in the hotel bar and Bryan watches her MURDER one of them. Heartbroken because he thinks she's a killer, Hannah reads the letter and finds that Katarina sent Hannah back in time to both live a life, and to find Marion Woods, the woman listed as Cole's mother on the birth certificate. She'll be wearing a blonde wig at a club in New York. When Hannah finally meets up with her, she discovers that the woman Jones identified as Marion Woods is actually Olivia's daughter and Titan architect: Emma! Emma went back to 2009 and abandoned Olivia and Titan!

Emma and Hannah are involved in a shoot out ordered by Olivia to end Emma's life. They sur-vive, but the tether that Hannah had in order to get home is damaged. Katarina confronts Olivia once more, and realizes she made one major mistake in getting her to the middle ages. She didn't mean to- but she gave up Deacon as a double agent. Olivia has sent him on a mission, but it's also a mission for his death.

As Cassie and Cole arrive in 1491, Olivia explains that Titan is indestructible and the weapon won't stop her. How does she know? Because she's The Witness, she's already seen it.