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Episode Recap: Demons

Everything changes when the team finally climbs the steps… and rings the bell in the Middle Ages.


In 1491, there's a primary who is dead set on ridding himself of the voices. You've seen him be-fore, he's the guy who killed all those Primaries dressed in robes a few episodes back. He spends a lot of time flogging himself. And now he's met Olivia when she splinters into that time, trying to get "the weapon" before Team Splinter can. Also in 1491, Jennifer Goines is having a rough go of it. She asked the wrong people
the wrong questions and ended up being suspected of witchcraft. Because of course she did. But a little girl named Chorus lets Jennifer out of the cage, and she is saved once-and-for-all by Cassie and Cole, who show up with guns. The hugs are short-lived because Jennifer smells so terrible.

Team Splinter find Chorus' father, a man named Nicodemus. He's abuilder of things that can't be made in the Middle Ages. He's suspicious of all of this but agrees to help. During a quick break in the action, Deacon gives Jennifer Goines his knife. He says one day he'll want it back. She takes it, and it feels important. Nicodemus tells the gang that Primaries throughout the ag-es had sent them messages to find the weapon that was built over many centuries. It's in a church at the top of a hill.

Meanwhile, Olivia and the Primary dude show up in the woods to find all those primaries stand-ing in the circle. We've seen them before. Turns out they drew The Witness to them so they could distract her while Cole and the team found the weapon. And after a good solid dressing down of Olivia, they're all set on fire. And so, the gang takes to heart the "climb the steps, ring the bell" call. They climb to the top of a steep
cliff and reach a church at the top of the steps. Where they're supposed to "ring the bell." This is the weapon that will end Titan. But what does it do? How does it work?

The team figure out that creating a paradox with the two bells (that are the same bell) seems to be the command. As they turn it on, Cole tries to walk toward the machine, but instead an at-tack by the Army of the 12 Monkeys prevents Cole from reaching the machine. As Cassie tries to help, both she and that bad dude slow time briefly. And they're each left with a souvenir: a streak of grey in their hair.

Olivia is satisfied. Team Splinter has missed their chance to activate the weapon. And seeing no reason why she should keep any of them alive, she orders the execution of the whole team. In order to stall for time, Deacon gives a bit of a monologue to anger her. And the first to die by beheading is Deacon. A noble character, Deacon, leader of the West VII, goes down. For the last time. However, just before James Cole is to be beheaded and all is lost, the splinter suit ap-pears. He falls on it! He saves the gang!

Unfortunately, they're too late to save Deacon. The weapon and Deacon are lost because of a last minute paradox by Olivia that means they can't go back. Jennifer Goines is devastated by the death of Deacon. But she meets up with her old self who tells Jennifer to take the swirl of random spirals and symbols and make something out of them.

Back in 2009, Emma and Hannah try to plot their next move. Emma knows her purpose was to learn all she could from Katarina and Elliot Jones. It looks though, like there's no turning back. The big paradox Titan is going to make is coming. All time will collapse. But…is all hope lost? Or does Team Splinter have another shot at this after all?