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Episode Recap: Die Glocke

The team infiltrates a Nazi gala to steal an artifact known as ‘Die Glocke’. Their operation comes undone when French Resistance interferes and an unexpected guest arrives.


The Primaries have left a clue that keeps getting repeated: "Climb the Steps. Ring the Bell."  

Whatever that means, it’s the key to destroying Titan. Jones tells the gang the bleak news: that the only time anyone's seen what they're looking for "Die Glocke" (the bell) - was in 1940 - and that's where they're headed: to a gala full of Nazis. It’s a HUGE risk, but they find their way into the gala by posing Jones as the rightful owner of the manor where it's taking place. Jones is incredible at convincing the head Nazi that she means business and knows Himmler personally. The problem is, the object they're looking for is "Die Glocke" - a bell that's supposed to be on display. However, it's clearly hidden somewhere within this giant house. So in order to keep looking, they need more help. And so, Jennifer Goines dresses up as a french maid assigned to the evening's entertainment. And the entertainment is a nightmare Diva who smashes one of the records Jennifer made years ago when she was stranded in France for 5 years.    

Cole starts tracking the bell but Deacon shows up and ruins the plan. The two are pretty surprised when the Germans take them into custody and beat them up trying to figure out why they're here and whether or not they're Resistance.  

And then, Jennifer Goines gets herself into some SERIOUS trouble with the French Resistance when she accidentally realizes they're planning to blow the place up. Knowing that she's seen the bomb, the Resistance soldiers (dressed as a maid and a guard) now want to kill Goines before she ruins their plans.  

Meanwhile, problems persist for Katarina. Her radiation poisoning has caught her in some kind of spell that they can't wake her from. She's seeing visions and being generally of no use to anyone. Also, the team learn they have until 7pm to get the bell. Otherwise...they all die in an explosion. It turns out the French Resistance plans are actually aligned with Team Splinter's plans. While Team Splinter wants the bell, The Resistance want to kill Hitler. Who, it turns out, is AT THE GALA! This asks the age-old question: if you could travel through time, why not stop off and kill Hitler?  

Even after being the voice of "let's all work together," Jones can't help but want revenge on Deacon, who turns up to help. The team decide to work together to steal the bell and get out, but then, the French Resistance move up the timeline by killing the entertainer! Without the entertainment, Hitler will go right to the basement to see the weapon and it'll be lost forever. And so Jennifer Goines takes matters into her own hands and performs a pretty serious punk song.  

Downstairs, Cassie puts on "distraction dominatrix gear" and kills a bunch of Nazis with an Uzi. Cole and Cassie find Die Glocke and manage to get out of the building with it, as Jones is taken into custody and tells Nazis they’re all terrible and is SAVED BY DEACON. And then, thinking they’ve actually saved Hitler’s life, Jennifer Goines reveals she has the bomb detonator and Team Splinter actually gets to kill Hitler. Though, it turns out the timeline doesn't actually get changed much without Hitler. Evil's just plain evil.  

It also turns out that Deacon has been following the team all along to betray Olivia. He knows that the weapon needs to be in their hands, and everything he's done was for them. He convinces Olivia he's still on her side and brings her a fake bell. The family Splinter have a drink in the hotel bar, discover that their next move is even further back in time: the 1400s in England. But also? Deacon and Katarina have figured out a way to gain the upper hand with Olivia. Deacon shows up on Titan with a real prize: Katarina Jones herself.