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Episode Recap: Ouroboros

Travelers come face to face with ghosts from their past when they find themselves maneuvering around their own timelines.


Now that Cole has figured out that they're back at the beginning of the story in 2043 - where he and Ramse first met Jones - he brings Cassie and Jones to the past to verify it. And now, they've found themselves trying to figure out what's next. The problem is: if they go into the splinter facility, the causality could screw up everything they've worked for and undo it all. But Cassie is now dead-set on finding Olivia. Further research leads her to uncover that there was an arrest in 1971. Cassie wants to follow up on that because it means she can exact her revenge on Olivia for the death of her son, Athan.

The team decides to sneak into the facility and try to use the machine "one time before the first time." If they can kill Olivia, none of this will have happened, The Witness will not ever have lived. As Cole watches the preparation for his first jump in 2043, the gang comes up with a plan. Cassie sneaks off and stages a fake outbreak that clears the room and puts everyone on lockdown. While everyone is quarantined, Jones and Cole find their one window to use the machine. And then Jones remembers something and pays a visit to herself. It turns out that the night before their first splinter, Jones hadn't known entirely how to tether people in these jumps. The two Katarinas finally figure out that what they need is some of the optimism of starting out with the wisdom of being at the end.

Previous timeline Jones learns how to tether from current timeline Jones, and then takes a pill and whiskey to forget everything. (But not before writing down the tether formula.) To her, it's going to feel like a dream. Meanwhile, back in plague ravaged 2018, Jennifer is still confused as to what she should do next. And her imaginary friend is of no help. Jennifer can't hear the voices of The Primaries anymore, and her imaginary friend dies an imaginary death as the Czech police catch up to her. And even though imaginary Jennifer WARNED herself not to forget her passport - real life Jennifer definitely did. Leaving the plice with a pretty serious trail of breadcrumbs. Jennifer rushes out to the train station to try and get out of there, but the police are hot on her trail. Yet before they can catch her, Jennifer THROWS HERSELF IN FRONT OF A TRAIN!

Back in 2043, Jones and Cole realize that the only way to get this mission accomplished is to pose as themselves from that period of time. It goes okay for Cole but he's guilty after seeing Ramse still alive and unaware of what will become of he and Cole in the future. Jones finds a way to steal the power core she needs that will power the splinter machine they brought with them from the future. And she gets to say goodbye to Marcus in a way that matters to her. It's very sweet. Finally, Jones and Cole are able to send Cassie Railly to 1971, where she starts her plan to assassinate teenage Olivia before she can wreak any havoc upon the world as The Witness.