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Episode Recap: The Beginning Part 1

The final battle against the Witness as the fate of time and mankind hangs in the balance. All the pieces finally come together to mark the end of the beginning.


As we slide into the final installment of the tale of Team Splinter, it’s important to take a quick jaunt back to the VERY beginning. To the day that Jones decided to fire up time travel as the way to solve the plague and she was visited by someone she thought was a scavenger, but who turned out to be… Athan, Cassie and Cole's son. He asks Jones if she's prepared to send a bunch of people to their deaths in order to figure out time travel. Jones does not hesitate and says yes. She's doing this because she has the power to do so.

Back in the present, the gang is still reeling from the discovery that James Cole is actually the problem and has been all along. James was the first time traveler, and as such they must erase his timeline, and everything that's happened in it from history in order to achieve all of the goals Team Splinter has been up to. Cassie's furious about it but James takes it in true Cole fashion: with stoic resignation.

Jennifer Goines doesn't quite know what to do, but the plan is to take the code she drew and use it to remove him from time. And they need to do it soon. Because Olivia has fired up what she's been trying to do with Titan, which is to create a paradox SO LARGE that time collapses on itself. Cassie's still not happy about it, but she helps Cole go back through time to save himself, save Jennifer, save her… in all the times he'd done so in the past. Finally, he ends up back in the Raritan lab splinter room and learns of the new problem. The code they found to erase him from all the timelines needs a much bigger computer to calculate. And the only place with a computer that big is on Titan. Cassie realizes that if they’re going to do this, they need everyone. Friends, family. Everyone. Even Ramse.

And so Cole jumps back to the moment JUST BEFORE he had to kill Ramse, and grabs him out of time. The two fight it out, and then Cole explains what they're up against. Ramse agrees to help, and the rest of the gang come up with a plan to take Titan. Cole and Ramse sneak off to find the car that Cole's dad built and left for him. And when they do, Cole finds a ring. It was meant for Hannah from Cole’s father, but instead, Cole takes Cassie to a beach somewhere to propose to her with it. It's incredibly sweet that they get this one moment out of time. Even though they can never be married, it's important.

But then it’s back to work. Jennifer Goines drinks some of that red tea that makes the Primaries hallucinate, and she travels to the Red Forest where she messes with Olivia in that crazy house. Which gets Olivia's attention. She takes over Jennifer's body and faces off with Jones. The taunting works. Olivia takes the bait and jumps Titan to Manhattan in 2043 just in time for Ramse and Cole to drive right into it. After a pretty serious gunfight, they're in!

And that's when Jones jumps the whole facility RIGHT INSIDE OF TITAN! The gang decide to fight Olivia's energy with theirs and take away her ability to jump away. Now that they've trapped Olivia, Cassie and Jennifer are going to head in to use the computers while Cole and Ramse take down the power source that's ending time altogether. Olivia is not going down without a fight and doubles down on her plan. Will the gang stop her in time?