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Episode Recap: The Beginning Part 2

When all hope is lost, Cole must complete his cycle so that his younger self will one day arrive at the end with the answer.


In a mad dash for glory and to stop Olivia’s plan to end time forever, the gang has infiltrated Titan! Jennifer and Cassie rush to the computer so they can plug in the Primary code and get it back to Jones, hoping to erase Cole from time altogether. It's a weird mission, but everyone's on board! The Daughters have been left to defend the time machine at the Raritan Laboratory. And sadly, the Army of the 12 Monkeys infiltrate and Dr. Adler goes down. Turns out, the plan may have backfired. Not only have the Army of the 12 Monkeys taken the lab, but Olivia's countdown toward the moment when all time will collapse upon itself is getting down to the wire.    

And that's when Jennifer Goines has her final (?) moment of glory. Knowing that she will one day be in this position as a much older version of herself, she realizes that the time will then be for her to jump into action by calling upon … herself! It turns out that old-lady Jennifer Goines was responsible for rallying Deacon. Which means, it turns out he may have had prior knowledge of all of these events all along. Turns out, the old woman version of Jennifer has gone to see the West VII, and convinced them of their place in all of this by creating a paradox with the knife that "other" Decaon gave her.    

But the time for reunions has not yet come. Cassie heads off to fight Olivia and try to stop the sequence that will end time forever. And a MASSIVE fistfight between them ensues. Cassie finds her way to the machine to stop the sequence. And…okay, yes, we've been tracking this about Cassie. She's lost so much. Her son Athan, all of the people she loves. And she's about to lose Cole. And everyone's told her that she can solve all that by letting time end and as she considers that, she’s attacked by Olivia. Cassie manages to fend her off once and for all and direct pure splinter energy at her which cuts her in half, sending her top-half somewhere and leaving her bottom half dead. Cassie has finally, at long last, defeated The Witness. Cassie hesitates and considers not completing the mission. But then Cole convinces Cassie it's not worth it to end all of time, and she stops the sequence. Finally, it’s over.    

Ramse and Cole are forced to say their goodbyes as Ramse climbs into the machine for the last time, which will jump him back to the moment right before Cole kills him. He does it willingly this time, knowing that he's saved the world. Jennifer is sent into the past, where she will end up raising Hannah. She will lead The Daughters. Cole and Cassie share one last kiss before Cassie climbs into the chair for the last time and goes off to leave the message for Cole and Jones to find many years from now. Finally, Jones makes one last adjustment to the code and she and Cole have a nice chat. He lights her a last cigarette and after she passes away, Cole heads back to the splinter room, fires up the sequence and jumps into the chair, erasing himself from all the timelines and finally accomplishing everything they've been trying to do. End the plague, save time, all of it comes to pass.    

Cassie Railly lives out her days as a doctor and scientist. Until the day she was supposed to meet Cole when, somehow, it all comes rushing back to her and she remembers enough to start looking for him.    

Jennifer Goines, at long last, bio-engineers a unicorn! Dr. Adler and Dr. Lasky! Get old playing chess together! Ramse gets to play board games with his son! Jennifer Goines grows old while Deacon opens a bar! Since none of the plague things happen, they get to be friends! Jones and her husband have a long, seemingly happy life together with their daughter Hannah, who never ended up being Cole's mother. And Cassie Railly buys and moves into the farmhouse where she and Cole spent a year in love in the alternate timeline in the 50s.    

And…It turns out, Jones figured out how to save Cole. By sending him into this new timeline. As Jennifer Goines explains, time knows that Cole deserved to be here. And so, at long last, Cassie and Cole are reunited. As he puts it: “Happily. Ever. Now.”