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The Faculty: 5 Things to Know

Usher vs. Tommy Hilfiger!


The Faculty (1998) - Airs Tuesday, October 3rd at 4pm EST.

It’s been almost 20 years since alien teachers invaded the halls of Herrington High. To celebrate, we’re dusting off this oldie (but goodie) today on Syfy at 4pm EST. Before tuning in, here’s 5 very important things to recall (and learn!) about The Faculty.

1. If you thought the cast of The Faculty looked super coordinated while fighting alien teachers, it’s because they were. Designer Tommy Hilfiger outfitted the entire cast while filming.

See everyone being attractive, cool and millennial-like before millennial was a thing.

2. One pretty face you may have seen in the commercial above, Kidada Jones (daughter of famed super producer Quincy Jones and sister of Rashida), played a character named Venus who was later cut from the film. Also? Kidada was once engaged to rapper Tupac Shakur. 


3. Usher seemingly enjoyed his Tommy Jeans but doing all the Tommy publicity? Not so much. The R&B singer who played Gabe Santora in the film, sued Tommy Hilfiger for $1million dollars for misusing his likeness to endorse the Hilfiger brand without adequately compensating Usher. Sounds messy!

4. This is important. There was a character credited as F’%# Up #1. This actor’s name is Danny Masterson, better known to That 70’s Show fans as Steven Hyde. There are no small dreams, people.

5. THIS is important. Faculty director Robert Rodriguez has five children who’s names are Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue and (the more subtle), Rhiannon.