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Aftermath: 5 Things to Know

Disaster, chaos, the apocalypse and FUN! Here's a few reasons why you should be tuning in to Aftermath every Tuesday at 10/9c


Aftermath - Airs Tuesdays at 10/9c

Aftermath is a show about disaster and chaos and the apocalypse, but somehow it manages to not be a total drag. Here's a few reasons why you should tune in every Tuesday at 10/9c.

1. Anne Heche and James Tupper play husband and wife on the TV show and they play husband and wife in real life too. It's cute.


2. You legit never know what's going to happen next. So far, there have been demon abductions, tsunamis threatening coastal states and widespread viruses that turn people into crazed killers — and that's just within the first episode!

3. There's lots of hidden meaning in each episode, like how the license plate on the car trunk that falls from the sky in Episode 1 is actually an abbreviation of the Bible verses, Revelation 6:7 - 6:8. You can get more gorgeous fun facts like this every Wednesday, here.

4. Ever wonder what goes down DURING the apocalypse? With Aftermath, you get to see survival tactics while shit is going south instead of seeing survival tactics after shit hits the fan. 

5. The cool kids are Copelands. Twins Dana and Brianna alongside big brother Matt, don't scare easily and know how to hold their own against demons, supernatural disasters and cell phone outages. #thehorror