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Blade: Trinity - 5 Things You Should Know

Here's five very non-hero (but super juicy) things that went down on the set of Blade: Trinity.

Blade: Trinity - Airs Monday, October 24 at 8/7c
The antics reported from the set of Blade: Trinity prove that the third time isn't always a charm. Here's five of the hottest hot mess things that happened during the making of this movie.
1. Jessica Biel was directed to "aim for the camera" and so she did, firing an arrow - and destroying - the lens of a camera that cost more than $300,000. Whoops. 

2. One of the television commercials for the film was recalled because it accidentally credited Jessica Biel as Jessica Alba. Whoops, again. 


3. Wesley Snipes was having a case of the Mondays - everyday - on set. According to reports on the Internet (a reputable source, indeed), Wesley often refused to come out of his trailer and would only respond to the name Blade. Also, when he did talk to people, he would only communicate via post-it notes. That's hot. 

Missing media item.
4. Maybe art was imitating life with the whole not talking thing because Wesley Snipes had less than 100 lines in the entire film. That's not hot. 

5. Also not hot is the fact that Wesley Snipes tried to choke director David S. Goyer when he thought that Goyer was being racist towards another Black actor on set.