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Day of Reckoning: 5 Things You Need to Know

What do you get when you mix John Carpenter and dead things? This. 


Day of Reckoning - Airs Saturday, October 8 at 9/8c  and John Carpenter Presents Vampires: Los Muertos - Airs Sunday, October 9 at 12pm EST

These two flicks have nothing in common except that they’re both airing on Syfy this weekend, which is good enough, right? Here’s five things you should know about the titles, the actors and John Carptenter.

2 Things to Know about Day of Reckoning:

1. In case you were wondering… in addition to Christianity and Islamic faith and the title of this Syfy Original movie, Day of Reckoning refers to the name of a WWE video game.

2. Jay Jay Warren (Tyler) also plays a DJ in real life and goes by the name DJ Oz. No word on if you have to follow the yellow brick road to his sets.


3 things to know about John Carpenter (all hail the father of the iconic slasher film Halloween) and Los Muertos:

1. At this point, we’ve all taken Spanish 101 but in case you skipped that day in class, “los muertos” translates to “the dead”.

2. In the 80s John Carpenter and directors Nick Castle (who played Michael Myers in Halloween) and Tommy Lee Wallace were all in a band called The Coupe de Villes.  
For your listening pleasure:

3. Although the film is called “John Carpenter Presents”, John Carpenter didn’t actually direct or write this film, he was only involved in the original “Vampires”. John’s buddy Tommy Lee Wallace is credited as the director and screenwriter of Los Muertos, which is the sequel to Vampires. Got that? Good.