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Resident Evil: Apocalypse - 5 Things You Need to Know

Here’s 5 things you should know about why Milla Jovovich is bad ass in real life.


Resident Evil: Apocalypse - Airs Sunday, October 9 at 9/8c

After three video games and six films (
the seventh and final hits theaters in January 2017), we’re pretty sure that you’er familiar with Alice, our favorite bad ass anti-hero. So, instead of boring you with details you probably already know about the Resident Evil franchise, here’s 5 things you should know about why Milla Jovovich is bad ass in real life.

1. She has superhero friends. Milla has appeared in movies with Iron man (Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin), Thor (Chris Hemsworth in A Perfect Getaway) and Avenger boss, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson in No Good Deed).

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2. She once fronted a band called Plastic Has Memory - indeed it does Milla, indeed it does.


3. Just four months after giving birth, Milla was back on set to film the thriller A Perfect Getaway.


4. Milla performed almost all of her stunts in the first Resident Evil movie. Go girl!


5. Since the action series first premiered in 2002, the Resident Evil franchise has grossed nearly 1 billion dollars.