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Shadows of the Dead: 5 Things You Need to Know

Here's five of the hottest things you will see in this weekend's Syfy Original Movie. 

Shadows of the Dead - Airs Saturday, October 22 at 9/8c
In this brand-new Syfy Original Movie, a group of teenagers try to escape a creature that's hunting them down and lives… wait for it… among the shadows. Eeeps! Of course we're not going to show you what the creature looks like because, well, that would ruin the element of surprise, duh. But, here's five of the hottest things we **can** show you. 
You will see... 
1. People running. Because people run away from shit in scary movies. 

2. The creature's left overs. Hey, creature's gotta eat. 

3. Teens making out. "How can you make out at a time like this?" is an irrelevant question.  

4. Teens fighting back against the creature. Or, at least trying to... 

5. People being afraid. 

Like, very afraid. 

Like... super afraid.