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Stake Land 2 and Warm Bodies: 5 Things to Know

Zombies and vampires and love, oh my! Here’s five random reasons why this weekend’s movies - Stake Land 2 and Warm Bodies -  have something for everybody. 

Stakeland 2 - Airs Saturday, October 15 at 9/8c ...  Warm Bodies - Airs Sunday, October 16 at 3pm EST 
Zombies and vampires and love, oh my! Here's five random reasons why this weekend's movies have something for everybody. 
1. Don't like zombies? Watch vampires instead! In Stake Land 2, the sequel to the critically enjoyable 2011 Stake Land, Martin returns, this time facing off against a revitalized Brotherhood and its new Vamp leader. You know, the usual good time. 
2. Don't like vampires? Watch zombies instead -it's fun! And we quote... "Eating brains is fun!", said actor Nicholas Hoult. 
3. Don't like zombies OR vampires? Well, then, do it for love, gang. The two leads in Warm Bodies are named Juliet and R. Also? There's a balcony scene and forces trying to keep the young lovers a part. Get it?… It's just like Romeo and Juliet! As in, Capulets and Montagues and the most iconic love story, like, ever. Tune in and feel amorous vibes through the TV. 
4. If you a little laughter with you're comedy, Warm Bodies if full of zingy one-liners. 
5. Who needs a cap when you can be plucky anti-hero instead? People like people they can root. You'll totally be rooting for Martin and R.