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You’re Next: 5 Things to Know

Before you tune in to this evening’s movie, You’re Next, which features the worst family reunion ever, here’s five random - but very important facts - about (and inspired by) the film.


Family get-togethers can be filled with awkward moments, made even more awkward by random murders. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before you tune in to You're Next (our movie for Saturday, October 8), which features the worst family reunion ever, here's five random - but very important facts - about (and inspired by) the film.

1. The Davidson parents Aubrey and Paul were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary before… well, you know.
Fun fact: The traditional wedding gift for the 30th anniversary is pearl. How elegant.


2. As noted on official posters for the movie, the family is hunted by human killers in fox, tiger and lamb masks:
Fun fact: Famous foxes in history include, Vivica, Michael J. and Megan. Famous tigers in history include Tony. Famous lambs in history include Lamb Chop

3. The Davidson's gory demise was filmed at a mansion in Columbia, Missouri.

4. You're Next screenwriter, Simon Barrett also played "Tiger Mask", one of the killers.

5. Because the (horror) world is small, before starring as killers together in You're Next, Fox Mask (Lane HugHes) and Lamb Mask (L.C. Holt) both appeared in the 2007 horror drama Pop Skull.

6. Because we care, here's an extra. Barbara Crampton, who plays the mother, not only played Maggie Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful and Mindy Lewis on Guiding Light but noted relationship expert/misandrist/psychotic Leanna Love on The Young and the Restless. Observe: