Lessons From the Apocalypse: Chapter 1

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 4:26pm

The apocalypse is so hot right now. Between Aftermath, Van Helsing, and Z Nation we've learned a few things about how to handle ourselves when the world goes to crap. Whether it be the zombie apocalypse, the vampire apocalypse, or all the apocalypses, take these lessons to heart, because they could save you in a pinch.

Aftermath Episode 1

  1. Don't sit in the living room.


    .... An open floor concept means easy access for flying humanoid demons who can swoop and carry you up, up and away. 
  2. Never use self service gas stations.


    ... The workers will just make a mess of things.

  3. Put your phone on silent.


    ... Demons don't like ringtones.

Van Helsing Episodes 1 & 2

  1. Vomiting blood is never good


    ... but in the apocalypse it's normal. Notice Vanessa's non-reaction. Yup, totally normal.
  2. Showers are sexy


    ... and informative. Scars = survivor of the apocalypse.
  3. There are worse things than death


    ... and this might be the worst thing worse than death.

Z Nation Episode 2

  1. Adapt your weapons


    ... The Anti-Zombie Grenade does the trick ... and puts on a decent sound and light show in the process
  2. Target Lock


    ... Make sure your targets are indeed zombies and not, you know, humans. Oops.
  3. Cute Inuit girl? Check!


    ... because you'll need someone to cuddle up to for warmth