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Aftermath Explained in 6 Gifs

Missed any of Aftermath's six episodes? Get caught up with these gifs.


Pressed for time? No problem. Here's 6 (plus a few extra for dramatic effect) gifs to get you caught up on Aftermath. And if you've got more than a minute you should totally tune-in every Tuesday at 10/9c for new episodes where you can see all this action (and then some) in real-time.

1. The Copelands were a regular American family with regular neighbors when the not-so regular apocalypse hit and things stopped being regular and started getting a lot more weird.


2. Then, weird stuff started happening, like, Brianna, one of the Copeland twins being kidnapped by a  Skin Walker, which is a person possessed by a demon. For three whole episodes the family tried to reconnect with Brianna but stuff kept happening like:

a meteor stuck Earth


then solar flares hit


then Dana got bit by a dog


Brianna couldn't get the car to work


Matt got ambushed by feverheads (think: crazed zombie people with better skin than zombies)


and then Brianna got attacked by a Reverend who wasn't filled with the holy spirit

3. FINALLY, Brianna and Brianna's new (Puritan) boyfriend Devyn reunited with the family.  


4. The family was saved from another feverhead ambush by Karen's old Army ***friend** Wayne Brady who goes by Booner on this show. Booner calls Karen Booty on this show, in front of her husband.

5. The family was safe at Booner's camp until they weren't safe. Bye aunt Sally.


6. Devyn, possessed by a Skin Walker, kills himself. Karen, possessed by grief wants to kill everything. Everyone is super sad because, well, it's the apocalypse and there's little to be happy about but it's all really interesting to watch.


Can't wait til Tuesday? Watch full episodes, like, right now.