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Episode Recap: A Clatter And a Chatter

Amidst new alliances and bizarre transformations, someone dies. Oh, and there's a man-eating giant plant.


The Copelands plus Devyn are making a getaway in the caravan when they come upon an unfortunate sight: an ocean they cannot ford. How'd it get there? #EndofTimes. The gang of feverheads from the hangar is hot on their tail, and they're totally trapped. Then, miraculously, a rider on a white horse comes to their rescue, and vanquishes the feverheads with…a grenade launcher. It turns out this masked hero is Lamar Boone (AKA Wayne Brady in real life), an old Air Force buddy of Karen's. And how does Josh feel about that? Not great. Lamar has set up his own government in the aftermath, the Alamo, the bastion for which is on high ground and safe from the flooding. But the power has gone to his head: and he's started hanging defectors who turn vigilante…kind of like him. Before getting back in the camper, Karen is stunned by the piercing sound of wailing that only she can hear.

Meanwhile, Quantrell and Sally (Karen's sister) are on the move, escaping the compound that has since been ravaged by the feverheads. What Sally doesn't know is that…Quantrell is slowly becoming one. On their way to Boone's stronghold, the Copelands run into another aqueous obstacle and have to find an alternate route. Dana is in the forest looking for one when she gets dragged halfway underground by a Jubokko — a mythic Japanese plant — and has to be rescued by Josh and Matt. Straight out of a scene from Jumanji. The plant starts to infiltrate the camper, and is poised to kill the family inside. Luckily Martin and Jane of Boone's team arrive just in the knick of time, throw rock salt on the vines and save the family from vegetation devastation.

The Copelands finally arrive at the Alamo, and Boone couldn't be happier to see them. Well, all but Josh. He can't stand Karen's husband because he wishes that he was Karen's husband. Boone treats his team and guests to an all you can eat buffet, where Martin makes short work of putting the moves on Dana. And Karen's concentration is again interrupted by the sound of wailing in her head. Then she's interrupted by the sight of a screaming banshee, which usually only appear when a family member is going to die. Ominous. Meanwhile, Quantrell and Sally are wandering through the forest when they're ambushed, wait for it, by a feverhead that's been possessed by a Skin Walker. Double whammy! Sally finally finds the Alamo, and is admitted entry. Quantrell shows up not too far behind, but Boone is a little more skeptical about letting him into the compound. But he can't leave an old Air Force buddy to die like a dog (or so says Sally when she guilt trips Boone), so Boone takes Quantrell in as well, and Sally and Boone get Quantrell into sickbay. Probably a mistake.

Skin Walker-possessed feverheads are making their way to the compound, and Boone is preparing what personnel he has at hand to shoot them before they can breach the walls. Boone gives the order to ignite custom-built mines he buried in the forest, and blows the demons sky-high. Quantrell has totally succumbed to the demon sickness, and takes it out on Sally. He drags her out into the compound quad, and snaps her neck (so this explains why Karen was seeing visions of a Banshee, whose wails indicate someone will soon die). Yeah, you read that right. Seeing her sister fall lifeless to the ground, Karen shows no mercy, and shoots Quantrell in the head. Dead. It is a dark day for the Copelands.