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Episode Recap: Fever Of The Bone

While Briana faces Skin Walkers AND a cult, the rest of the Copelands make disturbing discoveries at a local base.

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Devyn and Brianna are getting a little too close for Christian comfort at the commune, so Sister Busybody takes the Copeland girl and locks her in a room. It's basically a time-out until the Reverend Brother comes to pass judgment on her. From outside her room, Devyn (or should we call him peeping Tom) is able to get a full-on view of Brianna washing herself with water from a basin. Meanwhile, the Copeland caravan has had to make an unexpected stop when it encounters a mass of dead bodies in the middle of the road. The corpses are rotting, and fleshbugs are crawling everywhere — including all over Aunt Sally. It's pretty gross. 

Rather than having to circumvent an airport, Karen bulldozes the RV through the security fence surrounding it to get to Brianna faster. In so doing, she immobilizes the vehicle. Whoops. The good news is that this is the compound where Doctor Rawlins has set up his practice. Over at the commune, the Reverend Brother has a heart-to-heart with Brianna. Turns out, the Reverend is possessed by a demon and has been looking for Brianna…to kill her. Before he does, his minion enters Brianna's cell, and the Reverend Brother plays it off like Brianna is a witch possessed by the devil. That sneaky Brother! They lock Brianna in the barn and await her demon trial.  
The Copelands manage to get their broken down RV into an empty hangar — by pushing it — when Sally starts to double over in pain. She's also got a rash. And a bad cough. She's not doing so good. To avoid catching whatever got Sally sick, and to hunt down Doctor Rawlins, Matt and Dana take a hike. Literally. And they come upon a quarantined group of…ravers. Feverheaded ravers. When Matt gets close to them, they pin him to a fence and threaten to kill him unless Dana hands them the gun. Before Dana has to kill a feverhead, heavily armed military-style guards hit the scene, ready to smoke the Copeland kids who they assume are feverheards. But when the head guard finds out they have family nearby, they order Matt and Dana to take them there. 
When the army dude gets to the hangar, he's ready to blow the whole family to smithereens. Luckily Karen recognizes him from her tour in Iraq — this guy is ex-Air Force special ops Jeff Quantrell. He lets the Copelands have full access to all the equipment, and takes Matt and Dana back out into the wilderness to collect supplies. Meanwhile, Doc Rawlins injects Sally with medicine to help kill the bugs inside her, but ends up having to cut them out to really extinguish the threat. Devyn, rethinking his allegiance to the Reverend Brother, fetches Brianna her gun and then springs her free from the barn. The two run off together, a romance starting to simmer between them. Doc Rawlins corrals a mob of feverheads into the trailer filled with fleshbugs, and lets them die. He gets his comeuppance, and Quantrell's right hand man (now infected) shoots him dead. The Copelands narrowly escape a feverhead onslaught, and by morning make their way out of the compound. Sally stays behind to offer her medical assistance, now that the Doc is dead. 
Brianna and Devyn make it through the woods, as well as make out in the woods, pursued by the Reverend Brother. The lovebirds emerge on the same road the camper is traveling down, and it looks like Brianna is about to make contact with her family. But then the demonized Reverend bolts out of the forest and tackles Brianna to the ground. Devyn comes to her rescue, and wrests the Reverend off her long enough so that she can whip out her pistol and pop that preacher man. The Copelands welcome Devyn into the fold. We can hear it now: Brianna and Devyn sitting in the…RV… k-i-s-s-i-n-g in the tree, first comes love… and then gunshots fired off in the background.