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Episode Recap: Here Is No Water But Only Rock

As reality goes to hell, Karen finds herself on a bizarre journey that could hold the key to saving the world.


All hell is breaking loose. The volcano has erupted, spewing noxious fumes into the air making it un-breathable. Karen is trapped under some rubble, Matt and Brianna have holed up in a bunker with a limited air supply, and Josh has to go find Dana, who got lost in the scuffle. Josh heads out into the eruption and huddles beneath the RV with Dana for safety from the prehistoric beasts swirling the air. To get released from the bunker, Matt and Brianna have to trigger the low-oxygen alarm. So Matt lights a fire to suck up all the excess air. It works! So lucky. When the air clears, Matt and Brianna find Josh and Dana…alive. Josh sees the prehistoric birds making a racket before now dead on the ground, and he goes in for a look. And a sniff.

Meanwhile, Karen, who was trapped among rubble, is hoisted to safety by a volcanologist with high adrenaline requirements who was also trapped while poking around the erupting hunk of rock. His climbing partner is dead, and his own leg is badly hurt. Before he can walk again, Karen must shoot him full of morphine and manage to get his leg into a splint. It does little good, and he's practically immobile. Karen tries to go it alone, but finds no access through the rock. She returns back to her invalid friend, who's high off the morphine and starts hollering. Dust starts to fall, revealing cryptic cave paintings on one of the walls. When Karen touches them, she is sent into a hallucinogenic trip (also probably induced by the intense heat inside the volcano). There she reckons with the hopped up hiker as well as the ghost of one of the ex-cons she killed back at Camp Gowanis, who gives Karen the bullet that ended her life. Souvenir!  

The family Copeland have returned to the RV, trying to figure out what to do. Dana believes that because of where Karen was seen last, she has a pretty good shot at being alive — which she is — and that they should go back and find her — which they do. When Karen comes out of the hallucination (she dreamed up the volcanologist, too), she wakes up to Dana's flashing light, and the whole family is back together again! They make their way home, only to find that their house and land has been ruined by feverheads. This includes their neighbor Robert, whose normal wife Corinne is trying to get him to not destroy everything in his path. Rather than kill Robert herself, Karen gives Corinne a gun which she can use at her own discretion to protect herself. Baby steps, Karen. Baby steps. Rather than stick around any longer, the family hits the road once again, seeking better days. While flying prehistoric beasts circle the sky above them. Wait, we thought they were all dead?