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Episode Recap: In Our Empty Rooms

Cults, giant flying creatures and goblins. Things really aren’t going well for the Copelands.

AFTERMATH gallery-103recap-06.jpg

The Copelands, again minus Brianna, are forging up to Seattle when they run into an unexpected impasse: a major road backed up with abandoned cars. Brianna is off making friends with a duo of what look like old world settlers, who help her evade a band of horny ruffians, and take her to their puritanical compound. The Copelands arrive at Grandpa Copeland's house, and find that the old man has up and vanished. But Grandpa's dog Rona is still there (trapped in the cellar), and makes herself known by attacking Dana and biting her arm. Aunt Sally trains the hose on the rabid animal, and chases it away. Dana is going to need some shots...STAT.   

Meanwhile at dinner, Brianna hands over her pistol to the mother superior of the weird culty community. The only one she seems able to talk to is Devyn, whose ambivalence towards his anachronistic village endears her to him. Meanwhile, Karen and Josh locate an abandoned clinic where they find two emergency items they've been looking for: the rabies shots for Dana…and a bottle of scotch. Good scotch. Karen's hardly able to get a swig in when she hears footsteps coming up from the first floor. She tackles the person making those footsteps, but it turns out to be the good Doctor Rawlins, who insists on helping administer the drugs to save Dana's life.

Karen and Joshua explore Seattle, and find it in absolute shambles. They pick up a discarded news camcorder with some recorded footage of a reporter getting a glimpse of some giant thing descending from the skies. Josh scrubs through other similar devices, and finds all the feeds cutting out at the exact same time. Synchronized! And back on the farm, Brianna and the merry revivalists take shelter in the barn from the approaching demon/pterodactyl thing that attacked last episode.

Karen, Josh, Dana and Sally stop off at a discount store to pick up some supplies. They're ambushed by a gang of thugs looking for the tetracycline Doctor Rawlins gave them. Karen opens up multiple cans of whoop-ass on the marauders to get her family out of the store alive…but she forgot Dana. The thugs are ransoming the young girl for all the tetracycline they got. And back at Grandpa Copeland's place, Matt has given shelter to a woman who is on the run from her crazed husband. But maybe he reconsiders his decision when that crazed husband of hers enters the picture and beats the absolute stuffing out of him. Matt quickly reaches for his gun, and shoots the aggrieved husband who falls on top of our hero…and dissolves into water? Like some amphibious demon of aboriginal lore.

In an act of derring-do, Josh threatens to blow up his daughter's abductors with a Molotov cocktail he made from that bottle of scotch if they don't let her go. Surprise: they do. And, as promised, Josh hands over the valuable tetracycline, then shares a glass of the vintage scotch with his daughter's captors. Meanwhile, Ellen thanks Matt for saving her life, with a kiss, but the young man rebuffs her. She confides in Matt that she knew his grandfather. After that, she promises to fulfill Matt's greatest wish, and then disappears into thin air. Back in the hardware store, Josh and company are toasting to their health — which is running out. See, Copeland poisoned the bottle before pouring the thugs their drinks, and only made it look like he was sipping from his. Sneaky Josh.

Back in what looks like 1634, the peasant people and Brianna emerge from the barn, only to find that the winged creature is still whipping about in the skies. But for some reason, when it sees the Copeland girl, it doubles back in retreat. The next morning, Brianna gets a spot of cell service, and she's able to contact Matt who takes down the address of the commune. Matt hops into the RV and directs Josh toward the destination. Brianna can almost taste safety when the Reverend Brother — the leader of the religious cult — arrives from town, and looks pretty intent on not letting the Copeland girl out of his sight.