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Episode Recap: In Rats Alley

While the Copeland family attempts to reunite, they must navigate an insanity plague AND giant creatures.


Four-fifths of the family Copeland and a convoy of likeminded evacuees are leaving Yakima behind because a meteor interrupted their stay there, which is a pretty good reason to leave. On top of that, sun flares are causing all kinds of astronomical phenomena to occur, some are kind of beautiful, others are very ominous. The shell-shocked Brianna hops a ride with a stranger, an attorney, on her way to Seattle for a court hearing. Are those still happening? At a rest area, Brianna is able to get a blip of cell service to contact her parents, and finds out that they too are headed to Seattle (not for a court hearing, though). The attorney, however, doesn't have her case in order, and when she finds out that her car has run out of gas...she shoots herself. She's probably not making that hearing. Brianna takes the attorney's gun and heads out on her own.

The Copelands continue down the path, but Karen makes a pit stop to intercept a ravaging Skin Walker terrorizing a young woman. She and Josh take down the Skin Walker, but one onlooker, Vince, sees a demon leave the dead body and float off into the ether. Where did it go? Totally unrelated, Matt realizes that Vince's son Donny used to play football for a rival school, so they have a fun moment chewing the fat. That is until Donny starts acting weird and walks away. Karen gets a ping from her freewheeling sister Sally, needing help, and though Sally and she have had their tough times, she's still family. Karen borrows Vince's car, leaving Vince and the freaking-out Donny in the RV.

Tired from walking, Brianna takes a catnap in a hut off a footpath when she's interrupted by Tatiana, who pushes the hut over and traps the lone traveler. Tatiana isn't a Skin Walker, but she has been grappling with a few of them lately, so she's on edge. Tatiana and Brianna agree that it'd be safer for both of them to travel north together, and just like that a friendship is born. Or so it would seem. Tatiana is sure intent on getting Brianna's cell phone so she can call her boyfriend.

Karen picks up Sally, amidst a storm of neighborly gunfire, and the two of them hit the road. The convoy convene at the same rest stop Brianna was at earlier, and it's there that Donny cranks his weird-o meter up a few more ticks: he starts playing football, tries to tackle Matt and dislocates his shoulder, then starts ravenously eating garbage. When Sally and Karen arrive, Sally, a nurse, wants to check up on Donny's dislocated the RV. When she resets it, Donny doesn't scream or anything. If the attorney were still alive, she'd rest her case that Donny was a Skin Walker.  

The RV continues on through the infected Greensboro, where medics are trying to triage and administer care to feverheads, to no avail. Meanwhile, remember those solar flares? Well, they're coming for Earth now. They set off sparks in the RV and fry the system, not to mention shut down the whole power grid. They also touch off cell towers Brianna and Tatiana happen to be passing, and one sends out a current that zaps Brianna, who takes a tumble. Her phone slips out of her grasp, and Tatiana seizes this opportunity to take the phone and do away with Brianna altogether: by bashing her head against the ground, repeatedly. When Brianna gets back on her feet, she tracks down Tatiana, threatens her with the gun she picked up from the attorney, and takes back her phone. Like a boss.

Thanks to the solar flares, Vince's car has stopped working, so he and his son must ride with the Copelands. But before they onboard, Donny makes a cut and run into the woods, and Matt tracks him down...and shoots him, thinking he's a Skin Walker. Unfortunately, he was not, and as Vince points out, Donny had schizophrenia and had run out of his medication. As the Copeland family reels from what has been a very stressful day, Brianna makes her way in darkness and stumbles upon a lone horse in distress. Just when she's got the thing to quiet down, a large monster swoops down from the skies and lifts the horse away to who knows where. That monster looked a whole lot like the ancient god Quetzalcoatl...who was one bad dude.